The last Malik's

sameerah Malik and her brother zayn Malik are best friends with niall.but what happens when sameerah falls in love with a guy named harry and finds out he's a vampire?.will zayn think he's a good influence?


1. Harry

Sameerah pov my name is sameerah Malik and i have a brother named zayn Malik.i have a best friend named niall and my brother are are the LAST Malik' mom and dad died in a car crash.if we die there are no more Malik's.-ok lets start the chapter lol.A/N

sameerahs pov i told zayn i was gonna go for a walk.he said ok.i walked and walked and walked .i got tired so i sat down on the ground when i layed down i fell into the wall!.i turned around and got up.this place looked like a house.i walked down the hall and saw somebody i blinked and it was gone.all of a sudden someone covered my mouth and eyes.the person layed me down and let go.i saw a handsome guy.he said sorry i thought you were an intruder.i said its ok but what is this place?.he said its my hidden house.i said cool!,how do you do this?.he said its a secret.i said can i go now?.he said will you promise me you won't tell anybody about this place?.i said i promise besides i only have a brother zayn and a best friend niall.he looked suprised when i said niall.he said ok well ill tell you where to go.he leaded me to where i fell in and said goodbye.i said goodbye back and then said my name is sameerah by the way.he said mine is harry.i got a a piece of paper in my pocket and grabbed my favorite pen too and put my phone number on it.i said here and gave it to him.he said thanks.i said bye again and got out and ran home to zayn.

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