darker side of things

this is the story of a boy who is raised by a Christian/ Catholic family. who has an encounter with all 6 of the fallen ones and confrontation of death himself. through a ravenous experience and many horrors he comes to terms that he was chosen at birth to be the apprentice of death, and his parents know more than they are willing to say.


1. A normal day

My day started out really average. it was a Sunday morning, my family was going to church, and dragging me along on another day of preaching. my family were roman Catholics, I never really liked church and I did not want to be a Catholic. I couldn't tell them that, though. I knew that if I did they would drown me in holy water, crucify me, and dis-member me from the family (not in that order). it was sad to think that in fact it hurt worse than the sight if there devotion, but I had no choice but to deal with it because I no place to go. In fact that's how this all started, the thought of not having any place to go. later as u may see that I was completely wrong, that I did hav.e a place to go. though I must commend that it wasn't in this world, and later did I find that there was more to life than the flesh of the human body. I was to discover a wicked yet satisfy in the most certain respects of truth that most of what society thought was a lie, that life did not end, that it didn't just continue in heaven or hell based about your actions in flesh. I also came to realize (and so did the rest of my family) that the devil (or Lucifer) had more power in the world of the flesh and after life than the preachings of the bible. Now, I think I should start of what hah happened after church

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