Little Miss One Direction

Hi! My name is Jenyfer, Jenny for short. People only call me Jenyfer when they are mad at me which isn't very often. I am like love of the school. Everyone in the school loves me even the bullies. Im a straight A student and a goddie two shoes. I also live in an orphanage and everyone loves me there as well. What happens when One Direction comes to adopt?? That's for me to know and for you to find out!!


1. Meeting One Direction

Jenny's P.O.V

I woke up and got ready for a new school day but happily it was a Friday. I walked the grade 1's to the bus stop. "Thanks Jenny!"Zoe said. "You're welcome. See you after school." I said. "Hi Jenny.Nice to see you again!" said the bus driver. I told you that everyone loves me. "You too!" I waved as the bus left. I walked to school with my friend LeLee. Once we got to school I walked to my locker and the school bully Liam, walked up to me and said, "Hey Jenny, can I walk you to class?" well since he was being nice, which he always is I said "Sure, just let me get my books." he was like my bodyguard. "Thanks Liam." "Youre welcome Jenny." we hugged and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

It was now the end of the day and I walked home like normal. I got the grade 1's from the bus and we walked back to the orphanage. "Jenny, can I talk to you" "One sec Mrs.Sunny" I walked into the room and saw 5 tall yet attractive boys standing there. "Yes Mrs.Sunny." I said. "These boys have come to adopt a girl and I suggested you and they would like to adopt you." she said. WHAT!!! Im getting adopted OMG!! "Sure let me go pack my things."

I walked to my room and packed all my stuff which wasn't a lot. Only 4 shirts, 2 jeans, 1 sweatshirt, and a picture of me and LeLee. I walked downstairs with my suitcase and saw that they were standing there but with them all of the kids from the orphanage were there as well. Also Liam the bully, and LeLee were there as well.

"Umm why is everyone standing here as if im leaving forever?" I asked. "You're leaving us Jenny and we will miss you!" said LeLee. She ran up to me and hugged me and I heard he sniffle. My eyes started to get watery. "Im gonna miss you too Bubble." I said and we both laughed. I left her and hugged Liam. "I'm gonna miss you Liam" I went and hugged him. "Im gonna miss you too!" he kissed my forehead and I kissed his cheek. Next I went to Zoe because I know I was her favourite. "Zoe,listen to me, just because i'm not here doesn't mean that you stop being nice. I want you to call me when ever you can and stay the same as you are right now." I said.

"Ok Jingie" She said. Then I went and hugged everyone else. Lastly was Mrs.Sunny. "Thanks Mrs.Sunny for everything you did for me. Please do the same with Zoe and everyone else!" I hugged her.  "You're welcome and I will Jenny. Im gonna miss you." I hugged her and grabbed my suitcase. "So should we go?" "Errmm..Yeah" one of them said. "Bye guys.Im gonna miss you." I said as I walked. "Bye!!" they said sadly.

One of the boys opened the door and I sat in. It was a very akward silence so I asked, "Hi.Im Jenny. Whats you're names?" I looked over at them. "I'm Niall" the one with the irish accent said. "I'm Zayn" the one with the so-called quiff said. "I'm Louis" said the one who was quite attractive wearing stripes. "I'm Liam" said the baldie who looked like the boss of them. "I'm Harry" said the curly haired one who reminded me of one of my friends named Shane. "And we're One Direction"

"You're who and the what now?" I asked. They all looked at me and laughed. "Love, its One Die-Rec-Tion" Louis said. "Ooohhh."

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