the half blood at hogwarts

Kate Jackson is Percy jacksons twin sister. But Percy and Kate find out she is also a witch! She goes to hogwarts and becomes friends with James Potter, Albus potter, Lily potter,and rose weasley. She goes on many crazy adventures and maybe goes on a quest.


1. meeting Kate

sup! I'm Kate Jackson. Percy Jackson is in fact my brother he is awesome by the way. He had just defeated Kronos! I had helped of course but im in fact just chilling at camp half blood right now. "Kate stop acting weird and come train!" I walked over to Percy smiling because i am weird like that. he told me to train so i set of to find Travis. He really sucks at fighting when me or annabeth fights him so it is very fun. After beating Travis like 7 times it was dinner time and we all sat down at our tables to eat. Since me and Percy were the only ones in our cabin we were alone at our table. Everyone was talking and chatting and some people were giggling at me. Okay time to explain im only 11 but i was taken here when Percy was we look very alike but we are different ages. All of a sudden a huge barn owl with a letter sat down in front of me. The place became dead quiet everyone starring. i took the letter and it flew of hooting in the distance. I opened the letter and my eyes widened in amazement. I was a witch and was just accepted into Hogwarts. 

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