Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


1. Escape From Reality

I lay here and cry,
The clouds gather as I wait to die,
My slits are crying dripping down to hell,
Nothing to do but just lay here and remember,
Remember all the days gone by.

I remember when time was the most simple thing,
When scars were scars not bad marks,
Cries where heard within the dark,
I would go to my own world away from all the pain,
My place in the sky where I was sane.

In my place in the sky,
No tears are shed just watching these days fly by,
You could be anything you wanted to be,
I was the princess with all the hopes and dreams,
Dragons and warriors would fight until I would wake in screams.

In reality it is wounds that never heal,
None of my life in the sky is real,
In my life it is bruises and tears every night,
No warrior to protect me from the bitter fight,
In reality no one cares.

Here I lay within my tomb,
I close my eyes and let the darkness consume,
Now I can go to my place in the sky,
I am dreaming forever,
I lay here as I slowly die.

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