Claws & Wands

Mareyll (a born magician) and Shaw's (a royal dragon) lives are given a turn when a group of strangers visit their village. In order to go on an adventure far away from the kingdoms that they both hate, they must tag along with this group.


1. A Touch of Magic

Mareyll’s Perspective

     Days in the old village of Candon would usually be pretty boring if it wasn't for my best friend Shaw. Not much people know about it, but he's kind of a magical creature, if I can put it that way. Shaw is a real fire breathing dragon! But he can also walk around as any other human being. One would say that his crazy, but when you’re born with supernatural powers, one tends to find the unbelievable as a normal everyday thing. Is funny to say that we met under awkward circumstances and that I practically saved his life, but then again, he also saved mine as well. I was running some errands when old Tom told me to take a bag of supplies to miss Jean, who lives in the middle of the Solemn Forest. I had to fight my fear for the forest and armed myself of valor to go inside. Each step I took was a torture to my body and mind, but I need it the money to help my parents with the bills and taxes. In Candon, most of the kids my age (thirteen or over) usually worked any jobs available to help our parents. This all happen after the war between Cylon and Triva, the most powerful kingdoms of Clyntra.

Can't say I would take any sides, but living inside Triva makes me be born into one.

       Each tree I passed by reminded me of the story's about how the war began, which didn't helped at all. When my hunter senses kick in, I heard movement around my current location, and as that, I started running away. There were thief's that would pass by from time to time, but I was one of the lucky ones that happen to be around when a few of them decided to rob.

       I could hear their laughter from behind, they probably though I was going to be an easy prey. I was so scared that I happen to step wrong and fell to the ground in an instant. Before I could get up I was already trap and had no chance of running away anymore. For my surprise, there were almost ten man around me, all were mostly in their thirties, only a few were younger. They kept getting closer to me, making me nervous, so I decided to swallow my fear and finish my job before the sun came down. 

- Leave or pay the prize- a voice growled from inside my throat as my anger build up.

       They looked at each other a little surprise and then took another step. Some started to mock me, taking their swords out and using them in a childish way. The one that seemed the leader kept looking away, he was more concentrated in the woods than in the current situation he probably had started. When something moved, all of the man put their attention to where the sound had come from. Almost instantaneous, all took their weapons out and held to them with their souls in it. I had to think "These guys are no armatures with their weapons, their pros". As soon as the shadow deep within the woods moved, their positions change as well as how the held their swords, they were no longer thief's of the forest, they looked more like hunters waiting for their pray to come out, making me the bait of the entire plan, which I didn't find fun at all.

       When my eyes caught a human figure jumping from trees and hiding in bushes, my heart jumped from happiness. Then I saw the emblem that was marked in every sword and my happy moment ended savagely. These men were no ordinary man, they were soldiers from Cylon. What were they doing there? It seemed impossible that they had come so deep within Triva, but if they had, something really important was here in the Solemn Forest. Before I could think of anything else, something hit the head of one of the men's and later the guy drop down dead. Another one came to verify the body and a moment later dropped down dead too.

        My hope ended on that moment and I wished I hadn't come to the forest that day.

         The figure came towards us and into the light, showing his body and face. He was maybe a year or two older than me and definitely not a Trivian. He had black hair and deep blue eyes, he was also taller than me and wear clothe that resemblance the ones hunters and travelers would use.

        The others stranded up freeze and the leader took a step towards the boy, pointing his sword at him and saying " Shaw Will'O, you are a criminal and a fugitive, come with us back to Cylon and take your punishment!"

Before the leader could say something else, Shaw laugh and took his own sword out, beginning a fight. Most of the soldiers were a lot stronger than him, making him have a hard time with them. When one almost cut his neck, I screamed in warning and then he managed to save himself from the bloody soldiers. He looked at me gracefully and nodded in thanks since he had to keep fighting. The others notice that I would be a pain in the head if I kept warning him, so the leader decided to send two of them to take care of me. It was the worst thing that I could have done.

       The first one took his sword and swung it violently towards my chest, but I manage to deflect the hit with a piece of an old tree. He laughed at me and in a second, he cut me in the face, close to my right check. Both soldiers started to mock me and laugh at me. I was trap between a big tree and the Cylonians and there was nothing I could do. At that second, Shaw looked at me worried and in a flash, he appeared in front of me blocking the enemy's attacks. He then made a grin at me and returned his eyes to where the soldiers were. From his hands appeared a light that then turned into a flame. I was surprised, but it seemed that the others already knew because they all just made a smile and took out some kind of weird weapon that I had never seen. When it fired it reminded me of a canyon that I once had seen in a book. Something like sparkles flew through all the place and a purple light almost blind me. My vision was blurry, but as soon as I was normal again I saw Shaw kneeing on the ground having trouble breathing.

- Kid, run away while you can- he said as if he was ready to die.

        He then got up and took his sword again, ran towards the soldiers and  got shot again by the canyon. In my anger for seeing such injustice, I stepped forward and breathed deeply.

- Stop hurting him, or I'll make you! -  I said with a deep voice that not even I knew.

       Everybody ignored me, but the leader seemed to have some interest in what I had just said. He turned my way and walked until his face was facing mine. He looked down and smile at me in a way that I felt he wanted to tear me apart with his eyes.

- Boy, you say you can make use stop? We who are soldiers of the great kingdom of Cylon! - he said while his eyes were almost inside my thoughts.

        He then took his sword and putting it away hit me in the face with his hand, making me drop to the ground because of the strength he used to hurt me. I, with fire in my eyes, straighten my arm and pointed it to him, shooting some kind of light that seemed diamondish. It hit him exactly in the chest, blowing him away and falling where some of the oldest trees were. The others looked at me surprised and screamed "Mage!" with a lot of effort in their voices.  Before they could shot me with their weapon, Shaw turned himself into a dragon and burned them all to ashes.  After that we both ran through the woods as if somebody would find us and attack us again. We slept in the forest and talked all night about our lives and about magic. The next day he accompanied me to miss Jeans house and then to my village, where we decided to be friends. 

        Every time I think about how we met I feel as if we were destined to meet there, but I don't really believe in that sort of thing so is not an option to me.

         Is been a year since we met, and for our mutual boredom, we go to the DStreet Race at night, which is a race of magical creatures in which only rebels participate. In my case, Shaw could only participate if he had a "rider" with him, so for my lucky, he begged me to become his, and that's how I got into that mess. The only negative thing I can say about it is that I have become more lazier after that, since it costs me a lot of effort to wake up and get out of bed.

       And it seems that today is one of those miserable days...



Shaw’s Perspective

Last night was awesome!

 Mareyll and I beat those guys and made them ate our dust. As always, we won the DStreet Race again. I flew like never before and did all of my tricks perfectly. From time to time I could feel Mar grabbing me harder, but I couldn't blame him, I was flying really fast. After the race we left because he had to go to his home. Sometimes I wish he could leave with me, leaving everything he knows and going into an adventure far away, where our two rival kingdoms don't even exist. But I know it's not going to happen, he's too much of a good kid and cares a lot about his family. My life has never being better, that I'm sure of.

         Before I came to Trivia I lived in Cylon, where I was born in the castle, because my mom was the king's dragon. I started my life as a high class person, but the injustices that I had to watch everyday made me think for others. I simply flew away. But the king's man followed me everywhere I went. I wasn't able to live in the same place more than a month. I think they invented some kind of lie to make look like a fugitive, but I never did anything wrong. Afterwards, I'd say I had to protect myself. Learned how to kill, and survive in the woods. Became a great hunter and got used to being alone.

          When I came to Candon I was able to live in peace. Unlike other villages, this one didn't care about who you were but about how you would act. When Mar told them I had saved him from a group of bandits they took me as part of the family. I never saw the soldiers again and was able to make a strong bond with someone that wasn't a dragon. Mar was my best and only friend in the whole world and I felt I should be loyal to him, even if it meant dying of old age with him here in the exact same village.

          When the sun hit my face I had to get up of bed. I usually just stayed lying in the bed until midday and then would go out to help with anything that Mar had. Today was different! Mar didn't had to work today, but he always had to get up earlier because of his parents. I heard that today a group of mages would come to our village to show us their magic. Supposedly, they travel the world to know new ideas, but my excitement came when they said that they would bring their two dragons with them. I knew I was ok living with seeing another dragon, but seeing another person of my same race would give me a soothing sensation.

       I ran as fast as I could and got into Mar's room through the window. When I notice he was still in bed I happen to step on something and fell to the floor. When I looked up to the bed to see if I had awakening him I encounter myself with two purple eyes looking straight at me.  I smiled and said "Good Morning", receiving the same reply.

          Mar got up and started to change. Since we were almost like brothers and from the same sex, he didn't mind changing with me there. When he had putted on his pants and took his shirt a low growl came out of my mouth. I was angry. I could see Mar's scar on the side of his back, coming from the neck to his waist. It looked white now, but just looking at it made me remember the accident he had, which I blamed myself for. We had won the DStreet Race and we were walking home when the guy who came up in second place appeared from behind us and attacked us. Mar saw what was going to happen and stood under my back when the guy took out his knife and cut him all the way. I remember feeling Mar's fingers digging under my back tearing some of my skin. He never cried or screamed. I got so angry that I transformed and almost killed the guy, but Mar stopped me, even when he was hurt so bad. I had to take him on my back and fly to where the village's doctors were. They never said it was my fault. And neither did Mar.

"What's wrong?" Mar said looking at me.

         He had totally notice that I was thinking about he's scar.

"It's nothing, I was just thinking about today" A completely lie, he was definitely going to know what I was thinking. 

"Well then, let’s go, we got to see those so called mages"

         What was that!? He would never act like that when it came to his scar. Was he too happy about meeting other mages that he didn't care about the scar? This was definitely something new, and I quite liked it. He ran through the door in a flash, I could hear him laughing and I laugh too and went running behind him. We raced each other out of the house, then stopped when we saw that they were here.

           Mages. That was obvious. I could notice it from all of their clothes, which were from Cylon. And I could notice the other dragons as well. When one of them looked our way I could just think "Oh boy".

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