Bad Luck

Hannah's just had her 18th birthday so and her best friend Tessa both decide to move to London, finally! They have both dreamed of moving their since they were 11 so this was a big deal for them! That wasn't the whole reason why they wanted to move though. Hannah and Tessa always have bad luck. Always. This time Hannah's parents have just divorced and Tessa's boyfriend has just broke up with her for Amanda, the towns slut. Moving to London is their opportunity to start a new life with no bad luck but when its finally going well and there is no bad luck anymore, 5 boys walk into their life but they just cant decide, is it bad or good luck?


1. Moving

"Hannah? Have you got everything packed?" Tessa's voice shouted up to me from downstairs.  

"Yeah, almost! How much longer until we have to go? I'm so excited!" I shouted back down to her grabbing the last pair of my shoes to pack into my blue suit case. 

"Erm.. Well we will have to leave in about 25 minutes so we can be there for half 1, we can get settled in our new flat and then we could go out to get something to eat, yeah?"

 Gosh, Tessa is so organized! Without her I would still be in bed and probably not leave since I would miss Newcastle too much. 

"Okay, thanks Tess"

 I said as I zipped up my suitcase and began to pull it down the stairs. I'm going to miss Newcastle so much, just not the people in Newcastle for instance my father, Amanda and Jonah.                     

I helped Tessa put the last of the suitcases into the boot of the car and went to get the bag of food we packed for our journey. When I arrived back, Tessa was already in the car so I put the food on the backseat and then jumped into the passenger seat. 

"You ready Hans?" 

Tessa asked me as she put her seat belt on. I replied a quick yeah and turned the radio on and Let Her Go by Passenger was playing. Me and Tess both looked at each other and giggled, this was our favourite song!

About half way their we stopped off at a gas station for gas and a drink, since it was about 10 o'clock at night and I was getting tired I waddled into the station grabbed a bottle of water and went to the till to pay. I was next in line but I was too tired to think straight so when the next person was done paying I was just stood their half asleep not paying attention to the cashier shouting at me to wake up. Well she could have atleast have been nice about it instead of shouting...

When I was done I waddled back to the car and waited for Tessa. All I remember was Tessa finally getting into the car before I fell asleep...


"Excuse me, miss?" This old mad asked as he stomped towards me. I was honestly starting to get scared, he just looked like the people you have to look out for. He had big yellow and black teeth and a big mop of grey hair on his tiny head. He had a few wrinkles which made him look about 50 odd.

"Er.. I- Yes?" I stuttered. I always did that when I was scared, its one of the one things I hate about myself. 

"Well I have some lovely white powder here, would you like to buy some? Don't worry, for a pretty girl like yourself I will let you have it for half the price." He winked. Ew. Wait, that looks like Cocaine...

"Yes! I would love to buy some, thank you so much, I have been trying to find some for ages!" WHAT?! Why the hell am I saying this! No Hannah! DO NOT BUY THE DRUG!!! No! Hannah! Serio- Too late... 

"You're welcome love, see you around!" He winked again and wondered off.

**End of dream** 

I awoke by Tessa poking and shouting at me to get up. Wow. That was the strangest dream I have ever had, It didn't even make sense. One minute im really scared of him and the next i'm buying a drug of him?! How about no.

"Hannah, were here! Welcome to London!"

I looked out the window to welcome my new soundings. I saw the hotel we were staying in, a pretty river and the London Ey- The London Eye?! Woah! That's so cool! I love London already.


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