Shane's life turns upside down when a vampire bites him. But things get even more worst when they discover that everything was part of another vampire's plan to take over the human world. Along with his new friends, Shane must stop the incoming war in order to save the human race from extinction at the same time that he learns that most of his life was a complete lie.


1. The beginning

   Shane's Perspective 

       I had to walked all the way home after getting out of the library so late. The streets were empty and the houses closed. There weren't many lights to show me the way, but I already knew where I should step and how I needed to act. I was the only one of my roommates who loved to read. The apartment was still far when I heard steps behind me. I was still young, only twenty-one, studying to become a professional writer and violinist. Maybe taking two carriers at the same time was not a good idea, but they were things I loved. 

        My breath stopped and my body began to sweat. I had never ran into trouble when I walked to the appeasement, but maybe today was going to be an exception. I started to run and heard the steps behind me faster as well. It was only one person, but I was scared to death. I almost fell passing through a trash can, then slipped on a hole full of water. My skin ache with feared and my eyes started to get blurry because of my asthma problems.   

        Trying to have an advantage I slid towards an alley and found my self with a closed road. I look at the exit and see the shape of a man. He has a puma shirt that looks sporty and a black pants that also looked as sport clothe. Even though I'm not able to see his face I'm able to notice his blond hair. 

         This was definitely a guy. I was not happy to know that even though I was a guy myself. I was not strong or a sport guy. I managed to be skinny because of my straight diet. My breath was strong and was hurting my lungs. I cough trying to help my self but the air won't come in. The figured now looks younger, maybe my age. The stranger walks slowly towards me and smiles wickedly at me. 

- Who are you? - I growl in defense. 

       The guy just stands there and laughs loudly. He then returns his eyes unto me and licks his lips. 

- What's your name boy? - he asks with a little of sarcasms in his voice. 

- Why should I tell you - I answer defiantly. 

- Shane Parker right? - asked the stranger. 

        My surprise face tells him everything so he starts laughing again. When he becomes so close that he can almost touch me I fall to the ground and start backing away. He follows me with a smile and laughs again.  When I have no more place to go and feel the wall with my fingers, he gets down until his face and mine collides. 

- I'm sorry but I don't make the rules - he says and opens his mouth. 

        When he opens his mouth I try to look away. Pain explodes on my neck and I see him biting my neck. My vision becomes blurry and my body starts to weaken itself. The next thing I know is that I'm pacing out. I no longer see and tiredness wins over me... 

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