trip gone wrong

Bodine is just an anerage girl who has never had a boyfrined, been kissed or had anything exciting happen in her life. She also lives in Qatar where nobody knows about. One trip from the airport can change her life completely! Especially when she meets the love of her life (a.k.a Niall Horan) and his 4 best friends (a.k.a Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.)


1. chapter 1

Hi. My name is Bodine. I am 17 years old and I live in Qatar(if you don't know it, look it up!). I have never had a boyfriend or my first kiss, so nothing even super special has happened. I am a massive fan of one direction and Niall Horan is my all time crush. I have always dreamt that they would knock on the front door and say that they had nowhere to stay.



I looked at the doors that leads out into the arrivals part where you meet people. I started to push my luggage that weighed a tonne towards the door. Next thing I know, I am knocked over my another trolley. 

"I'm so sorry! i swear I didn't see you there.." An irish voice said as it started to trail off. I started to get up but slipped. Before I hit the ground, I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me. I looked up and I recognize the face straight away. It was Harry Styles. I swear I only thought it was the irish guy. WAIT!! If Harry Styles is here than that must mean that NIALL JAMES HORAN bumped into me!!! I stood up properly and looked at Harry and Niall.... and Liam and Louis and Zayn. My mouth started to drop as I started to hyperventerlate. "Your one direction and your in qatar!!!!! wait.... why are you in Qatar?" i asked calming myself down. " Umm.. I think we got onto the wrong flight. We were suppose to be flying from melbourne to America but I they took us here instead." Louis said smiling. "So, you have no hotel booked?" I asked as a memory from last night came back to me. They all nodded. "You can stay at my place if you want. We have plenty of room." I said smiling. They all agreed and we started to walk through the doors. I saw all of my friends and my parents at the window waiting for me! "Ok. So, maybe they only bought like all of my friends with them." I said as I turned around. Niall was laughing.  I look at my best friend again and see her reaction. Her mouth is wide open and she is fan-girling inside. She knew that I was with one direction. 

*skips greets and car ride home*

I open the front door and the boys all rush inside. I look at Tabitha and she is still shocked and she is blushing. She walks inside after my parents and so do I. I turn around to close the door. Wen I trun around again, I see Niall standing behind me, smiling like an idiot. Then....

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