Song of Four Tides.

Elsa Tyrdoon's fate had always been steered by the tides, life on her father's ship 'The Stella Viator' has been laid out before her. Or so she thinks. Her world is turned upside down by one fated discovery which leads her to the fabled city of Atlantis and further and further away from the fate she thought was hers. The fate of Atlantis depends on Elsa but can she find her path before she loses herself?


1. Prologue


Nothing but pure, intense, impenetrable darkness, the depth and blackness of which was unimaginable. It smothered any light there had once been long ago, taking with it the very life of that world.

Now nothing remained but the unchanging, uncompromising darkness, seeping out of every crack and crevice like oil, oozing out in every direction. It was inescapable, unforgiving and unstoppable. Darker than the nights had once been on that long forgotten world, when there had been days to distinguish with anyhow.

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