The Soldier's Wife

This poem is the plea of a soldier's wife to her husband, begging him not to re-enlist: inspired by the events of the second world war.


1. The Soldier's Wife


Don’t be a hero,

Not again, stay for me,

There’s no need to fight for country

Or King,

Or the thrills of a win,


No need to pillage or loot,

To shoot or maim,

Or have festering wounds bathed only by rain.


Is that what you’re fighting for?

To rid this land of every foe


I wish I understood,

You wish you hadn’t seen

A man fall down on his knees

And beg,

For your mercy,

For you to kill him swiftly

And allow him one last peace.


But don’t you see,

There is no sweet release,

From life in death,

In that carnage,

And left behind is your tortured soul

Perpetual haunting,

A piece of the whole


So Promise,

You won’t be a hero,

This time stay for me,

Others will fight for country

And King,

And bring home the victory,

My Darling,

You’ll see.


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