Crashed Route

Inspired by the school bus crashing today. Don't worry, no one was hurt!


1. Crashed Route

Taking the road as your route, your guide,

Allowing the meanders guide you to your destiny.


Hands on the wheel, following the road,

Forty years of driving with good wisdom,

You shouldn’t fear of stepping off

your path,

as if you do, the children will too.


The children:

The children still in education,

They know little, they don’t know what you’ve seen,

They think they do.


You take the children under your wing,

You promise to protect them.

And you will.


But when the car comes,

with the driver too fast, the driver too stupid,

approaching at a quick speed.


You slam on your breaks,

The children’s voices rise in question of the load screeching,

The breaks aren’t enough.

The road’s wet.

The car’s too fast.


It’s the bash before the smoke.

It’s the realisation before the fear.

It’s the screams before the silence.

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