When the Clowns Come Out


Life for a teenagers in Sayetown is tricky. When night falls, the clown come out. And not for a laugh.

Normal teenager Jessie Lawtee can't help but be scared like everyone else. The town hid secrets, secrets no-one from the normal world could even come across. These clowns had been roaming the town for decades, finding their way out into the darkness of the night.
When something major happens between some of the students in her year, its dragged on after school. Everyone is too pumped to realize what consequences they have just stumbled across...
Will anyone be able to survive the night in Sayetown... or Clowntown?


1. Brief Intro - Skip to prologue if you wish


Thank you for deciding to read. I'd just like to say that this story is sort of based on my life at the moment. So I thought to myself, why not use this as an opportunity to create it into what could a good story?

So currently, everyone in my school is freaking/not freaking about this whole situation that is sort of frightening. There are a few people in my town who have decided to dress as clowns, and at around 6:00pm they come outside and roam the streets in the darkness. They knock on people's doors and stare through windows, and it's creeping about 92% of everyone at my school out.

So far they are at the bottom of my town, working their way up. The police are trying to track them and have managed to arrest one. I'm not sure whether some of this information is true or false, but there are photos from my friends on Face Book.

So anyway, that's sort of all I wanted to say. If you are scared of clowns I would advise you do not read this book. It will be mostly based around clowns. It is also warned in the description and will be written before I begin the prologue.


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