Love Struck 2: That Summer

"Don't walk away," he whispered. "Don't leave me. Don't leave me here, alone."

Harry and Jordyn had a nice start to the summer. Their friends Grace, Niall and Louis all hang out with them to make the summer unforgettable before their senior year at Wolfridge High. While summer tends to go on, Harry wishes it could never end.
But what happens when the love of his life brings heart-breaking news to all four of them? Will they stay together? Or break up?

The sequal to 'Love Struck,' so please read that before this!!


19. Harry's POV:

Harry's POV: 

I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jordyn. She looked so beautiful in her purple's almost like she matches me. If I only wore a purple tie...

I bit my lip, eyeing her up and down. She looked at me, smirking.


"You're just so's unreal. It's unbelievable."

She leaned in. "Thanks." She kissed my cheek.

Pretty soon, more and more of my relatives filled up the spots. I greeted most of them and introduced Jordyn to them, and they all seemed to like her, which made me happy. I like to see my family get along with the most important girl in my life.

"Harry?" My mom said. I turned to face her.


"We have to go up for pictures."

"Oh, yeah. I'll be there in a second. Can Jordyn be in the picture?" I looked at Jordyn next to me, who was talking with her parents.

"Well...technically, she's not part of the family."

"I know. But it would mean a lot to me if she was."

"Fine, bring her up."


Jordyn's POV:

"Jordyn?" Harry tapped on my arm. I turned around to face him.


"Do you want to be in a wedding picture?"

"Oh, no, that's ok. I'm not even in your family. It wouldn't make sense if I was in the picture."

"But...I want you to. My mom said I could. Please?"

"Alright, ok." I got up and walked to the alter with Harry pulling me behind him. The photographer placed both of us next to eachother, and I happened to be on the edge of a row. 

I'm technically a member of Harry's family now. I smiled, bigger than I ever did in pictures. Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and I wrapped my arm around his waist. He leaned on me slightly. 

The photographer took a couple of pictures, and every time he took a picture, Harry's arm would slowly tighten around me. When the photographer was done, I hugged Harry so tight he could barely breathe. But I don't care. 

"I'm technically a member of your family now. I'm really happy. Thank you."

He chuckled. "You're welcome, baby." He kissed my cheek as I pulled away from him. I followed him to sit back down next to my family and his.

"Why were you up there?" My mom soon asked me.

"Because Harry wanted me in it with his family."

My mom smiled.

"What?" Harry asked, putting his arm around me again.

"Oh, I was just telling my mom about why I was up there with you. I just told them that you wanted me to be up there."

He nodded and smiled.

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