The Bully Stories

This is a collection of stories by real people. They are encounters with bullies and we want to show you them so you can see what happens to people. I hope you enjoy and this shows you what the real world is like. And how we need to stop it. PS ask to coauthor different editions of this... share your story. NO NAMES PLEASE.


1. Chinese Joke (Hazza Babez)

CHINESE JOKE (Hazza Babez)

So, this isn't big, but it's something. In 4th grade, there was a group called the posse, AKA "The Pile" because there were so many of them. They were a group of popular kids that everyone was afraid of. Including me.

We ended the problem... or so we thought.

It's been two years. No we are not 13 (shhhh). A boy (NO NAMES) with red hair was making fun of a nice girl. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Well, Mr. No Name said she was Chinese (on the bus). She was slumping down in her seat, trying not to cry. My friend and I were experienced, but she was not. We told him to shut his mouth. Problem solved.


He started calling me and her 'Wong Tong Doidong' or something like that. It was kind of annoying. But then he took a jab at me.

"Where'd you get that scrap metal on your teeth? The side of the road? You should put it back, it looks ugly on you."

Shocker, another person makes fun of my braces. Ouch.

"And where'd you get the scrap metal in your ears? That's ugly on you, too."

I slumped down in my seat and looked out the window. My friend was about to go back and give him a beat down, but it was her stop. I said goodbye, knowing I would enjoy more torture. Ha.

"Wong Tong Doidong, next stop is China, that's  your stop." Stalker, he knows where I live!!!

And when I got off the bus, some blondie mop head guy, who was his friend, goes, "Bye Wong Tong Doidong! Stay in China!!"

And I walked home like that.


THE STRATEGY: In a situation like this, walk away like I did. Ignore them. Not because you're sad, (Like I was) but because you have better things to do with your time. Get out and enjoy life, you never know when your time will come. That's all.


PEACE. -Hazza Babez

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