The Truth

Coming out :) x It's short, don't expect anything from it


1. The Truth

Louis blinked a few times and smiled, when he saw his curly haired boyfriend in a deep sleep. 'He is so adorable, when he sleeps,' Louis thought to himself and lightly pressed his thin lips against Harry's plump ones, those ones he loved so much. How they moved, when he spoke. How dimples appeared in his cheeks when a smile formed on his lips. This all the older lad loved about the younger one, along with his messy curls, bright emerald eyes, perfect body and amazing character. 
"Haz, darling, wake up," he whispered softly and his fingertips lightly touched Harry's exposed chest. He giggled quietly when Harry let out a tired and kind of annoyed groan. "I mean it, baby, wake up," he said a bit louder and kissed him again. After a few moments a smile appeared on his lips, because he finally saw the green color of Harry's eyes. The younger boy smiled back and leaned up to steal one Louis' kiss. "Today.. Do you realize it, darling? Today!" He grinned cutely and pulled his boyfriend even closer, if that was even possible. Louis nodded, his eyes shining with excitement. The excitement slowly disappeared though, because he realized how bad could everything end. "What if they won't accept us?" Louis said quietly, his voice was shaking a bit. "Shh, don't think like that," Harry replied, his voice quiet but strong. He sounded like he wanted to convince himself into believing what he just said.
That afternoon they were already sitting next to each other on a comfy sofa in a studio. Normally they wouldn't be nervous at all, but this was different. This was going to be live interview, plus they were planning their coming out for months. Louis was biting on his lower lip nervously, but Harry noticed and lightly squeezed his hand, whispering to relax and that everything's going to be okay into Louis' ear.
During the interview they were laughing and answering questions, and both boys somehow calmed down.
In the end, when the interviewer wished them good luck in future in their career, Louis' green eyed boyfriend got up and asked the audience to be quiet for a minute. He was standing in the middle of the large studio and gave Louis his dimpled smile he kept only for him, Louis smiled back weakly.
"I want to say something.. It's about the band. Well, not all band, just two of us. Me and Loui. We both know what you guys say about us. We know what's trending on Twitter, and what are you tweeting about us. I bet you all know what are you talking about. Yeah, it's Larry, how you call us.. My and Louis' relationship. We were denying it for a long time, but it was the worst thing we could actually do. As you know, Louis had a girlfriend named Eleanor. She was supposed to hide who Louis actually is. She was a lie. So now we're here and I'm telling the truth here," Harry laughed nervously, "Larry is real. Louis is love of my life, and nothing is going to change that. Some of us might start hating me, but I don't care anymore. All I care about is to be with Louis." He said with a strong voice and mentioned Louis to come to him who understood and did so. Harry again gave Louis the dimpled smile he kept only for him, and with the applause in front of cameras he pulled the shorter lad with blue eyes closer and connected their lips in a gentle kiss.


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