What happens in New york.

When you are going to NY with your best friend, meet people you don't like but at the end will be your best friends and a lot happen? well sanne is going to NY with her best friend Daan and doesn't like One direction at all. But then everything changed and they end up being best friends and even a lover and 4 new brothers, you think life is easy then? well no. read and you find out


7. Macdonalds

Sanne p.o.v
I almost ran  inside of Macdonalds when I bumped into someone and fell

"Can you not look or something?" I snapped

The person who I bumped in to  helped me up and said:
"I'm really sorry, did you hurt yourself?"
I recognized the voice of earlier and looked up, straight into the eyes of the blonde one from1D but didn't still knew his name.
"No, I'm okay, sorry"
And walked away until I felt someone grab my arm from behind and I jumped but  then noticed that it was Daan.

"Everything okay princess?"
"Yes Daan nothing wrong" I snapped back, I was shocked myself and when I looked at Daan's face he looked shocked to.
"Owwwwwwwwwww sorry Daan-banana. I'm so sorry I did not mean it really"
"It's all right San I know you did not mean it"
What was wrong with me? I didn't understood  myself and I never had that.


Niall p.o.v
I had just eaten inMacdonalds and walked out until I ran into someone , the person fell and I looked down to see that it was the girl .
" I'm really sorry , did I hurt you ? "
I helped her up but , apparently she recognized my voice and looked a little angry .
" No, I 'm okay , sorry " and walked away , I followed her with my eyes and saw that the boy grabbed her arm , she was jumped and snapped something worse she shocked and apologized .Again that feeling in my stomach .
I walked to where the others were waiting , luckily they did not see what was happened because they were watching across the street, in a shop I walked up to them and Louis asked why I was taking so long , I replied with some mumbling and walked on the street.



Harry p.o.v
We were waiting for Niall outside who finally came out.
"Why did it take so long Nialler?" Louis asked the question before I could do it and Niall replied with mumble as he walked up the street. We looked at each other with a strange look. Otherwise he never did that so what was wrong with him? However, we shrugged our shoulders and followed him because we knew there was only one person who could get a bit loose in him and that was Liam. We'll hear it later...


Daan p.o.v
Woooooow I didn't  know Sanne would snap at me and that happened today after she bumped into the blonde I had not expected at all. I was worried about her, but didn't show it.
"Daan? what do you take?"
"Umm I just think anything of chicken with fries and you"
"I always have the same"
The lady behind the counter was ready. Already for us
"Hello guys what do you order?"
Sanne spoke much better English because she could like me and I was always stuck in my mind.
"Hello I like chicken with fries and a big mac and for both of us a middle coca cola"
"That was it?"
"Yes it is"
"Okay that's $ 15"
Sane paid and we went with our food to a table far away from the window because we were afraid that the paparazzi  could see us and that we would rather avoid because  last summer there was a article about me and Sanne when we holded hands and the paparazzi thought that we were a couple, not that I mind but is was not right and Sanne was super angry about that friends couldn't hold hands in public. We ate and didn't say much, there's something that bottered her, but she would not tell me that maybe if I was going to begg than she maybe just maybe tell me it and because I felt like a big brother to her (which was also partly because I was eighteen years older and she was 17)  I was worried about her.







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