What happens in New york.

When you are going to NY with your best friend, meet people you don't like but at the end will be your best friends and a lot happen? well sanne is going to NY with her best friend Daan and doesn't like One direction at all. But then everything changed and they end up being best friends and even a lover and 4 new brothers, you think life is easy then? well no. read and you find out


8. chapter 8

Sanne p.o.v
I didn't know what to say while eating and I was completely shot off. Actually I was Always the first one that finished my food but now it was Daan who first had finished, he looked at me with that look deliver to a big brother worried and I knew he was, I looked away and thought again about what happened- we bumped into each other, standing up and then look at the super beautiful blue shiny eyes of Niall (yes finally I know their names through the billboard with their faces on it what was on the other side of the street) when I looked I felt something butterflies in my stomach, strange I had never felt this before, home I had some Boyfriends but never had I felt this. I didn't know what to do so I just  ignored it. We finished our food and brought our trays to the trash.
"Sanne everything okay?" I glanced at Daan and he still looked worried.
"y.... yeah everything Daan nothing wrong"
"Oo .. okay "
We walked back to the hotel and I came up with a good idea.
"Yes san?"
"My father brought his guitar and we haven't played and sung together in a long time?"
"Hmmm yes well actually I haven't play for a while so it seems like fun!"
Daan laughed at my reaction and I laughed along, happy that he didn't look worried anymore.


Daan p.o.v
" Yeeeeeeeesssss! "
I laughed , her response was so cute. We walked back to the hotel and toot he bar where her parents where, we walked in and saw them, they actually looked a little sad and when we got closer I could see that her mother had been crying.
" Mom Dad what's wrong ? " Sanne asked.
" Um there is a little problem "
" And that is ? "
" Sit down sweetheart what we're going to tell you is a bit scary"

We sat across them  in the chair and I looked at Sanne , she looked confused.
" We just have had a call from Jimmy 's bodyguard , he told us that there was an explosion in our house and that it was made to kill us, our house is completely burned down , they found Eliza outside just in time before the fire got worse. She is seriously injured and in coma, they brought her to the hospital ........... "
My eyes flew open. An attack on them. Omg this is bad!
I glanced at Sanne and saw that she was crying , I pulled her on my lap and hugged her .
" We can't go home because it is to dangerous"
Because Sanne cried and was in shock, I was the one who talked.
" How long do we have to stay here, sir ? "
" I don't  know Daan they were talking about two to three months "
" Ooo okay"
I was speechless, I felt Sanne crying and shaking so I pulled closer to me and rubbed my hand over her back to comfort her . I saw that is was dark outside  and I felt Sanne be heavier which meant that she fell asleep .
I looked at her father and who looked at us and to his wife who was also watching us . Uncomfortable .....
" Umm I going to put Sanne in bed, I think she needs some sleep "
" Yes that's a good idea boy, goodnight and see you tomorrow " I stood up and carried Sanne bridal  style . I went to the elevator at exactly that moment the boys from one direction also came to the elevator. She looked at me with strange eyes and I looked back . I looked at Sanne in my arms and saw that she looked unhappy in her sleep .
We stepped into the elevator.
I finally knew their names by those billboards in the city .
Blond- Niall
Black - zayn
Brown hair  - Liam
Brown curls - Harry
Brown hair and striped shirts - Louis

It was Liam who broke the silence .
" Umm sorry that I ask but what's wrong with her? "
I cleared my throat and said :
" Her parents  just told us that there was a bomexplosion and their hous burned down, the bom was meant for them but we were not home, we were here but her sister is home and is in coma right now and they don't know if she will surfive, can not come home now because it is to dangerous and Sanne just cried in my arms and then felt a sleep in my arms. "
"Omg that's terrible" said Zayn
He looked at her and Sanne moved her arm .
Suddenly I heard crying and looked at Sanne , she was crying in her sleep and began to beat her, I was shocked .
The boys also stared at her  and than looked at me , I couldn't hold her so  Liam and Niall came up to me and helped me to hold her while I soothed her . She was quiet again.
I took her again and now was the elevator arrived on our floor we all got out and walked to our room , I opened the room and walked in. I  laid Sanne down on the bed and put the covers over her sleeping body .
My door was still open and I heard footsteps,her parents slept on a different floor so they couldn´t be it, I  looked around and saw Harry was a little shy looking at us, I quickly gave Sanne a kiss on her forehead and walked with him into the hallway.


Harry p.o.v

When the whole lift thing was over we decided to go to Lili and Nailler's room . I entered the room and walked in after the others, they asked me  if I wanted to go get Daan because they thought he also wanted to sit here.
I walked to the room where I saw Daan going inside with Sanne and saw that the door was still open and Daan who just laid Sanne down in their bed he heard me arriving  because he gave Sanne a quick kiss on her forehead and  then walk up to me and closed the door behind him.
"Umm so is she your girlfriend?" I asked very carefully
"No she's my best friend and I actually see her as my little sister because I am eighteen years old and she is one year younger."
"Oo okay"
We walked to li and ni their room and opened the door, the boys were already on the cough or on the bed and looked at us.
"Heey Daan" said Louis.
"Heey guys"
"How is Sanne?" It was Niall who asked
"She's okay she sleeps now"
"Okay I'm glad that everything goes well with her" he blushed a little
"Okay guys what are we going to do?" Louis asked.
"FIFAAAAA" I  and zayn yelled
We played for a long time fifa when suddenly there was a knock on the door.





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