one direction fanfiction This is our moment

Niall is being hated on and he doesn't know how much more he can take the boys are trying to help him but its too much but with YOURE help he might just make it and stop those haters with YOU the readers telling the story we will beat them. xx

I will be up dating the story as much as I can please always comment if you like the story and I will be putting as many of you're ideas into the story as possible.

hers my KIK if you want to help with the story because yore the ones creating the story.


1. The start of it all

Nialls pov

I was in twitter as usual I get a lot of hate I've all ways kept it from the lads when suddenly I saw a picture of me someone had edited of smoking my heart sank even more 'it's not fair.. why would they do that' I said quietly to my self as I red the comments I got more and more up set I red things like "ugh he a smoker probably should of known ugly little shit"

"ew he's so discussing" and then I had a few more tweets come to me which made me wanna throw up like "@niallofficial you cant sing you ugly piece of shit go dye in a hole" @niallofficial you cant sing you're so ugly the band would be better of with out you so why don't you just go DYE. and many more like it Im fully crying now the boys are with me Harry spots me crying he comes over to me and sais "Niall what's rong mate why are you crying" with a worried look on his face I look up at him with big red eyes and show him my laptop when he reeds the tweets he's crying as well and calls they boys over to reed them as well they all make shocked and OMG noises Zayn and Liam come and sits next to me Liam gives me a hug and I just berry my head into his chest sobbing while the boys try to comfort me and Im felling so tired from all the crying I fall asleep in Zayn's arms.

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