The Highwaywoman

It’s the 17th century and highwaymen are ruling the streets. But what happens when an orphanage turns to crime and forces children to steal. When Sage a 16 year old highwaywoman falls in love with the man she has to rob, will her heart take the place of her brain?


1. Chapter One


The sun was beating down in the early mornings of July; it had been the sixth time this month that hadn’t resulted in a downpour of rain. So waking up a few hours was a small price to pay for some peace and quiet. As I lay on dew dripping grass my book supporting my head and my dress sprawled out across me; I watched the world wake up, birds gliding across the magenta and autumn tinged sky. Then the trees came alive swaying and creaking in the wind, accommodated by the orchestra of birds humming and twitting along and not to mention the whinny and neigh from the horses. It was so serene, so quiet……….but my train of though was interrupted by wailing and shouts.

‘’Give it back ’’Wailed Lucy.

‘’If you want it come and get it’’ taunted Arrow. At exactly the same moment the oak doors burst open, Arrow came flying out with Lucy in hot pose at his heels. He started waving a crumpled tea stained sheet at me.

‘’I got it, I got it,’’ he was now smiling from ear to ear, I couldn’t help myself and broke out into the same uncontrollable smile; it was contagious. Well for us, Lucy on the other hand had a glued scowl fixed to her face. Arrow spun round and started to taunt her, but at that moment luck wasn’t on his side, his shoe court the back of his pants and he landed with a thud a few feet away and to make matters worse in a muddy puddle. Lucy was now gaining on him like someone had released the beast, her blonde pigtails flying up in her face. She hovered over him for a millisecond like she was deciding what his punishment was. She snatched the paper from his muddy hands.

‘’I got it’’ she shrieked and marched away towards the reconstructed manor house we call home. Then suddenly she stopped rooted to the spot, spun around and kicked arrow in the shin. He yelled in pain and bit back the screaming which usually came when he got hurt.

‘’Be back in twenty minutes and that goes for you too,’’ she stared hawk like at me, her eyes burning in to my face and skipped of like nothing had happened, like she did this all the time (which I seriously doubted, but I couldn’t be sure).

‘’Seriously, you take on Lucy what were you thinking?, wait you weren’t thinking, she looks harm less but she’s a whole lot of ugly when she’s annoyed, you know that,’’ I smirked at him.

‘’I know but she’s so easy to fool and annoying, ‘we have to do this know, brush your hair’ ‘’, he mimicked her high squeaky voice, similar to that of a door mouse.

‘’Could I have some help here…..please.’’ He sounded exhausted. I rose from the grass and wandered over to the once clean Arrow, I walked a full circle around Arrow taking in to sweat sight of karma and felt it should last a little bit longer. I smiled at my master minded plan (I’ve had better plans) and started too walked back to the house.

‘’Hey, hey where are you going I need help; this puddle is deeper than you think. Hey, come on come back, pleaseeeee.’’ He pleaded. Suddenly my foot court the ground and I plummeted to the ground right next to arrow in the puddled (it was bigger and deep then I though, great). He let out a long laugh, that of a mischievous laugh a five year old did and an evil laugh a villain did when he had completed his master plan. Something was up and it wasn’t me anymore, I was drenched head to foot in mud, my once dark brown hair was very dirty, but thank goodness it wouldn’t show that much (hopefully). My white shouldered dress with a black skirt,  was now golden brown with clumps of leaf and what I hoped to be harden mud.

‘’This puddle is deeper then I think’’, at the same time stretching my hand down as far as I could go and still not finding the bottom.


‘’What?’’ I asked completely bewildered.

‘’Thought, this puddle is deeper then you thought’’

‘’Same difference’’, he let out the long, high pitched laugh that I was so use to, it was so familiar.

‘’Well I THINK I need a bath.’’

‘’You girls and your baths, you had one yesterday.’’

May hand few to my mouth, darn I had one yesterday there was no chance that Mrs Porter was going to let me have to baths in a week, what was I going to do rob someone covered in mud not a chance. I then spun on Arrow.

‘’Great, this is your fault, I’m supposed to rob a carriage covered in mud.’’ My voice jumping a few octaves higher.

‘’My fault, how did you work that one out.’’ He said in an almost outraged tone.

‘’I don't  magically fall out of the air, um not like you.’’ I say looking he up and down.

‘’I've got an idea.’’

‘’Oh, those are dangerous.’’

‘’Ok suit yourself, you can go, get in trouble with Mrs Porter.’’  Giving me a mischievous smile and turning away from me; making him considerably dirtier than before.

‘’Ok, ok what’s your idea.’’ I say nudging his shoulder.

‘’There’s a river not too far from here just outside the boundaries, no one every goes there it will be perfect for you to………’’ He looked me up and down, ‘’ sought yourself out.’’

‘’Ok, but it won’t take long will it, because you heard what Lucy said we have to be back in twenty minutes and where’ve already spent five in this puddle. So let’s get going.’’ With this I jumped into an upright position, sending my feet deeper into the puddle, with this I clambered onto the emerald green grass and reached my hands down to Arrow. Together we walked down towards the edge of the forest and started our journey towards the boundary. With my now muddy shoes, leaves and brambles where attaching themselves to the soles of my shoes as for Arrow he was on the unlucky side of having no shoes and jumping every few feet when thorns started to attack his feet. Once we were both finally over the fence (very un lady like I might add) we were a giant garden away from the river.

‘’That’s what you call just outside the boundaries, it’s like saying London’s right outside our door, we live in Kingston, London’s close but not that close.’’ I gave him a knowing smile.

‘’Upon Thames, we live in Kingston upon Thames.’’

‘’Stop correcting me, it would be easier to go to the Thames, let’s go back.’’

‘’No, we can make it where fast at running, it’s not that far.’’ He now grasped my hand and started to walk at a steady pace. We stayed at the bottom of the garden away from the mansion towering over us. Bang, bang. A bullet whistled straight past my ear and hit the ground, making me jump 5 feet in the air and then both me and Arrow hit the ground scared to meet a bullet. I role over on to my side, face to face with Arrow and do the only thing I can think of.

‘’This, this is your entire fault, um going to die, um going to die, um going to die.’’ Fright creeping up my throat and tumbling out of my mouth, truth seeping into my brain and showing in my eyes.‘’ ‘’Now, now, now, now, now, now.’’ That was all I could muster and then the next minute Arrow had griped my hand and we were rolling down the hill straight into the crystal blue water.

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