Black Shadows

Arriane has been haunted by Black shapes for years but now they haunt her dreams as well...


1. Dreams

I was running so fast my feet barely touched the ground. Then I was falling, falling into the pit of nothingness below me

Suddenly Arriane woke with a start breathing fast like she had been running away from something. She knew she had been running away from something in her dream but what was it. The thing was amorphous – not a man or animal – not even a plant. Just a long stretch of black clear in the pale light behind it. With a jolt she realised what it was – the same thing had haunted her when she was awake for years and now it haunted her dreams as well. All she could think of was the black shape in her dream. She had seen a sign for Carlisle before she'd gone where ever she'd been. For 20 minutes she sat in her bed just thinking.

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