The wetness of their tears

To all those effected by 9/11, now and then.


1. 9/11

Maybe the rain today 

is really the tears of those who died


Maybe the rain today 

is the tears of those who lost someone


Maybe the rain today

are tears shed years later


Not all day

But long enough

Each of us is effected by the rain

It is wet and cold


Enough to wake us up

From ourselves and remember 

Those who gave their lives

Those who fought for others


The rain continues to pour down

It creeps into the cracks

The ones we don’t expect.

The rain, a reflection of tears. 


Today, 9/11

We wait for the sun

the sun to pull away the clouds

To dry the tears, put away the wetness


I remember, 

So I don’t push away the rain

I welcome the tears, the coolness

Because it isn’t something I can just brush off. 


Tomorrow will happen soon

But right now, my heart yearns to give comfort

9/11 families, victims, bystanders. 


Prayers to you all.... I won’t forget.....I promise


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