Sand Chronicles

80 years ago, the end began....

It is the year 2033. Through supercollider experimentation, which can change the properties of elements drastically, reaserchers at SERN created a superconductive variant of H2O. Known as Variant_06, this miracle liquid was soon produced in bulk as a fuel source, and cheap, efficient energy was made available to the masses. But, as humans so often do, society lived excessive lives of frivolity in blissful ignorance of the bigger picture.

Because although the fuel crisis had been averted, the water crisis had just began...


1. Kat's Run

January 5th, 2113.


She awoke to the roar of an engine. As She always does. It is the stinging serenade, the inconsolable whine that all residents of the S.P.C London are forced to endure every waking hour, a terrible hurricane bangs and claps that push the city ever forward across the barren plains. But it is the price each citizen pays for the sanctuary of this island on wheels. "Sanctuary... My ass!" Kat thought aloud.

"Speaking of your ass, you aught to get it shiftin' before I shift it for ya!" hollered a deep, gnarly voice. Stain, Kat's (unofficial) adoptive parent, and her nefarious mentor in crime, was standing in the doorway. "Mentor, she thought, as if. that fat old oaf couldn't outdo me across the board, from pick-pocketing to break-ins, and all in between." but he shares his home with her, in this corrugated shanty town, and trained her mind to be (at least) street smart. "You're doin' the breakfast run, my darlin'!" he yelled throughout the house. "I use darlin' in the loosest sense of course!" he added with a chuckle.

after suiting up, and putting together her toolkit (purse cutters and lock picks) "I always do the breakfast run, heck, you may as well just call it Kat's run!" she laughed. "maybe I will, my girl, maybe I will! came the hearty reply.


Before we continue, I find it necessary to go into more detail concerning the layout of the SPC (Steam Powered City) and its likenesses. It is, as the name would suggest, a city on wheels, or caterpillar treads to be precise. It is one of a fleet of six C-Class (Citizen Class) vessels in the British Armada, The other five being S.P.Cs Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff,  Manchester, and Plymouth. The seventh, a private research facility named Hope, has been declared M.I.A for six months, after crossing Russian borders set around the north pole. there are also four B-Class (Battle Class) S.P.Cs (Dreadnaught, Warrior, Destroyer, and Man-of-War) and two A-Class (Admiral Class) cities (Queen Anne and Decimator) which lead the armada.


The London is set into four districts, or Quarters. The Scrap Quarter, full of run down slums like the one Kat resides in, old musty flea markets selling remnants of the Old World, and ancient shops, cafes and high streets, left derelict and empty after the more popular Leisure Quarter stole away their customers.

The Leisure Quarter is an upper class playground built on the ruins on the old Medical Quarter, which once saved so many lives, and changed so many others. It is now a fool's folly, built to mirror old London's Regent Street and Piccadilly. Claimed to be a "tribute to London's glory days, a gift to all residents of our beautiful city" it is truly just a hollow shell of years passed and gone, designed to support the rich man's delusional dream that everything is still right in the world, and a wall separating the homes of the poor from palaces of the rich.


the third part  is The Hidden Quarter, where the Variant_06 conversion plant lies. most other industries in which the common man might find himself working lie atop this sprawled mass of factories and metalworks. It is worth noting that, although this Quarter may seem relatively small compared to the three others, much of it stretches deep into the inner workings of the city, a network of foul sweatshops and factory floors where only the most desperate of common men find themselves working, struggling to pay their way through each day, and risking their lives in squalid working conditions to do so. This is why it is called the Hidden Quarter.


The final part is called is The Administration Quarter. The Gryphon Intercolonial Protection headquarters are located here, alongside the town hall, the radio tower, and the PROVERB, (Primary OVERsight Base) from which the controls of the whole SPC can be accessed.


But none of this was of interest to Kat, as she weaved her way between the beggars and thieves, the poor men and aristocrats. No, all that mattered to Kat right now was the satchel of  stale bread under her arm (snatched from a young child who wasn't looking where she was going), the three apples stuffed into her pocket (stolen for herself, of course, Stain wouldn't touch any fruit with a ten foot pole), and the bottle of purified water (none of that recycled crap)  she had spied sitting next to a tired, yet expensive looking businessman. Pure water was rare these days, and sold like gold dust, and soon the businessman was sure to notice it's disappearance, and call upon a GIPO (Gryphon Intercolonial Protection Officer.)


The last thing Kat needed was a chase from a...

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