Songs Because I Can

So I'm sitting in my collage library and I have word open. I start thinking about a song and bam! Short story.


1. B-Team

She sighed looking over at the dark haired man sitting a row or two in front of her. He was her best friend, Trainer. They had met through a mutual friend and she had fallen for him right away. She had never fallen for anyone like that before. She admitted her affections for him and he had rejected her. She stopped talking to him for a long while after that until one day, “Listen, I’m sorry if I hurt you but I just don’t think I’m ready to see you that way just wait a little longer.” The sad thing is she believed him. She sat waiting and waiting for him to finally admit he felt the same way. It didn’t happen. He was dating someone now, Ina. They had a lot in common, they liked the same music, shows, shared a fashion sense and had they looked similar could have been sisters. Katelyn hadn’t spoken to him since and he was clearly upset about it. “Katie, wait come on I’m sorry ok?” He called to her after class as she disappeared into the crowd of students. He caught her arm, she turned to face him, angry green eyes meeting a concerned grey.  “What do you want from me Trainer? You want me to forgive you, so you can lie again tell me to wait a little longer?” She snorted “I’m your back up plan, second in line. If things go horribly wrong, hey Katelyn will be there” She was beyond mad, she couldn’t even look at him anymore. She whirled around on the spot. “Kate I” he started grabbing her hand again. She snatched it away “Goodbye Trainer” she snapped moving fluidly through the crowd. The young man sighed, eyes closing in pain. “I’m so sorry, please, please just give me one more chance.” He knew she was long gone. He had hurt her too many times over the years. Too many mistakes and now he had lost his chance of telling her why he kept putting her off. He had done exactly what he had been trying to avoid, he ruined the friendship. He lost the love of his life and he had never felt so alone. 

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