Dear Diary, My Mom has Cancer.

This is just me, writing down stuff.


1. September 11th — the day after the chock.

It's Wednesday today, a school day. But I stayed home. I haven't much at all, I am exhausted.

Yesterday, my Mom got the diagnosis Breast Cancer. It's so weird just to type it out. It doesn't feel real. It feels like at any point, they'll call from the hospital "Oh, sorry," they'll say," we messed up. You do not have cancer. We're sorry for the confusion."

I know it won't happen, really, I do. But I just can't get to teams with it - I mean, cancer is something you hear about in the news. You watch a documentary and feel sorry for those touched by it - then BAM, I'm in the middle of it. It's surreal.

I knew that she was going to get the test results. I knew that they all thought that is probably was nothing - it had not looked like anything highly suspicious so they'd only taken a biopsy just to be sure. Well, at least the tumor is very, very small. And it most likely haven't spread. So that's a good thing.

She's going to be operated in a little less than two weeks. Then, after maybe a week or two depending on different things, she'll start chemotherapy. She'll loose all her hair, and she'll be really sick. And it won't be nice. At all.

I just wish that I could go half a year forward in time - that I could just go to a time where this is all over with.

Now, I think I'll go read. Or watch some TV. Just something that can make me think of something else. If that's even possible ...

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