You and your ways

Insipired by some-one I know who claims to know, but do you really?


1. You

You think you know,

But you don't,

You think you understand,

But you can't,


You can't see what's happening,

In this intelligence of yours,

You miss the obvious things,

Don't see what matters.


You claim to know how I feel,

But you can't begin to comprehend,

What I'm thinking,

The things I deal with,


You say I don't deal with much pain,

Bit I wouldn't expect you to know,

My daily pain,

The amount I handle.


You can't tell me to be honest,

When you expect a lie,

Because you expect a different person,

Than who I really am.


You don't claim to know it all,

You say that anyone that's content (with themselves) is vain,

Yet you expect me to be happy,

When you tell me happiness is vanity,


You can claim to be consistent,

But the rules always change,

You say that you're an observer,

Yet you can't see what I need.


You say that you're a listener,

But I can't say a sentence without interruption,

You say that you're equal,

But you' re acts if superiority say otherwise.


See after all this you must know,

That you have no clue,

As to how I feel,

And how deep your words cut,


You think you know,

But you don't,

You think that you understand,

But you can't.


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