Silly Me

You can't help but fall in love. Can you?


1. Silly Me

 Silly Girl!


You never think twice, do you?

Before you give away your heart, turning it blue?

Didn't I tell you a million times,

That falling in love is like a crime?


Silly Girl!


How stupid can you be?

He doesn't want you, can't you see?

Loving him won't do you any good.

He's just a stud, your everyday 'dude'.


Silly Girl!


You just are so idiotic.

Your stupid feelings make me sick.

You will get your heart broken again.

Then you'll stand outside, crying in the rain.


But this silly girl

Can't help but smile.

When he smiles at her,

Making her shine bright.


After so long she has fallen in love,

With this amazing boy who makes her heart flutter.

Maybe the feelings are just one sided,

But his imperfect perfection brought back her light again.

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