I Want You Too... (On HOLD)

"What do you want from me!" He threw his hands up in frustration.
I paused and turned around to look back at him. "I want someone who will kiss me mid sentence, someone who will greet me in the morning with breakfast in bed...." I paused and let a tear fall. " I want someone who will fight for me..." With that I turned around and walked away. Away from him. Away from the boy I love.


1. Chapter 1

Here I was. A lonely,heartbroken girl carrying her shoes in rather hand, while walking on a side walk. My boyfriend, or should I say ex boyfriend, just dumped me. It's happened before with the same guy. About a year ago he started to beat me when I disobeyed him or made him angry. But now when I leave, Travis come knocking and I go back to him. I know I'm an idiot for doing it but there's just something that draws me to him. 

An opening in the long brick walls of apartments was coming up. I glanced over into the narrow alleyway and stopped in my tracks. Dark chocolate curls shook as a dark figure swung a fist back down to connect with someone's jaw.  

I don't know if I was still jumpy over the recent break up or I was just crazy. Something caused me to walk over towards the small fight and push the curly haired guy away. It surprised me more ten him when this action took place. I stood firm and still and his shocked features soon returned to a look of hatred, as if darkness had surged through his veins. As we had a stare down, the guy who was getting beaten on took advantage of the scene and hurried to his feet. 

The guy I front of me stepped forward to stop him, but stopped short as if it wood be a waste of time. "You have two days Connor, or else." The man shook his head quickly and scurried off with a "thanks Logan." I turned to go, but my elbow was caught in a large hand and I was jerked back, only to be pushed against a wall.

A gasp escaped my lips as hands went to wait her side of my head and the figure stepped closer to me. Our bodies were touching and I squirmed to get away. "What the hell was that?" The so called  Logan gritted his teeth as he waited for my answer. I decided it be best if I kept my mouth shut as a sarcastic comment came to my head. 

He pushed himself closer to me and I turned my head, uncomfortable with the lack of space between us. His hand jerked my face to stare into his icy blue eyes and I opened my mouth. "Let me go." I spat the words at him and I raised my eyebrows as he let out a deep chuckle. "Feisty." He paused and pushed my head aside as his breath lingered on my neck. "I like that." 

He placed a wet kiss on my neck and began to suck. I quickly mustered up all my strength and failed at a attempt to push him off. "Get off or I'll scream." My weak warning sent another laugh from him as he pulled away till our noses were almost touching. "Try, no one will care to stop." 

I squeezed my lips together and slid out from under him. "Go to hell." I quickly walked away leaving the rude boy in the ally.


The familiar jingle sounded at the door and I shifted the light blue scarf on my neck. The old flower shop has been in the family for a while by now and it was passed down to me. It had a garden behind the building and smelled of a fresh meadow.

I carried the newly tied tulip and set it on the counter as I looked up at the customer. My stomach dropped and I rolled my eyes. The same guy from the ally was looking at me intently with his head cocked to the side. "What do you want?" I placed my hands on the counter and rested on them.

"You." His answer came with a smirk and I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, not interested." I turned back to head behind the curtain that surrounded the store. "We're closed now." I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt a hand on my backside. I quickly turned around to see the boy typing away at my phone. 

"Hey! Give that back!" I jumped for the phone and he chuckled and my failed attempt. A ding came from his pocket and I connected the dots. "I never said you could have my number." He smirked and looked me up and down. Loosening the scarf around my neck he bent down till i could feel his breath by my neck. "I like it better where I can see the mark. With that he began kissing me. The nerve he had.

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