One shots (Open for requests)

Some one shots i made for people. I like writing sad One shots but im ok with happy ones too. If you want a one shot written then simply send the name of the song you want and i will create it for you !


1. One shot - Over Again by one direction

Over Again

'Said i'll never leave her casue her hands fit like my t-shirt'

I lay there holding the picture of us laughing and watched the day go by with tears streaming down my face onto the photograph.

'Tongue tied over three words, cursed'

Seeing you with him shatters my heart to piece's. 

'Body intertwined with her lips'

Seeing him kiss you and hold you, kills me, remember when we had done that every day, the touch of your soft skin and the texture of you long brunette hair shining in the sun. I remember how we sat on a beach and watched the ocean as the sun light the sky red slowly turning into dark. 

What makes him better than me, i gave you everything, what did he give you?

'Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo, And it's no joke to me'

You left a hole in my heart, my life shattered and burned everyday as tears brimmied down my face. All the nights i thought of you, i would cry myself to sleep hoping that one day you would come back and comfort me with you soft blue eyes and sweet candy smell.

'So can we do it all over again' 

I'll wait an eterinity waiting for you too run back into my arms tonight. You are my life, you were my love you were my everything but no matter how many times i would beg and fight for you, you would never start over again.

'Tell me with your mind, body and spirit, i can make you're tears fall down like the showers that are british'

Every night, everyday, every second i will always ask you to tell me that you love me but what's the point,

'If you're pretending from the start'

You lie, then cry for forgivness but you don't remember.

'can mend your broken heart' 

Remember when i fixed your heart the day you saw me, i made you learn that every girl in the world is beautiful in their own way, shape, size or personality. I made you love who you were and you mended my heart by falling in love with me.

I miss you so much, no matter how much i drink, cry myself to sleep and cut myself i will always remember the day you came back to me saying we should take a break and then come back and say,

'Can we start all over again'

But you lost you chance Eleanor,

I took my life because i could'nt imagine living without you by my side.

I Louis Tomlinson can now start all over again.

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