The Assassin

This is the story of Nathaniel who has to travel the world in search of safety from the law who are searching for him. He has a dark gift that he learns to use as the book progresses. please read and let me know what you think.


1. Lost

            Chapter 1







I dreamt I was flying. I soared over trees and valleys and jungles. The hills turned to plains and I still flew faster than any bird could fly. I rocketed forward cutting through the air. The hills became smaller and smaller until I was flying over a huge desert then a lake. In the distance on the far side was another Rainforest and I was soon soaring over its green tree tops. I could see nothing beneath the canopy of emerald green leaves that protected the ecosystem below. But I could hear gigantic beasts roaming between the trees bellow. Soon the treetops became a blur beneath me as I cut through the air at ever increasing speed towards my unknown destination. The jungle turned to a massive forest that spread from horizon to horizon. Soon I started seeing tiny groups of fortified houses that as I flew on developed into walled towns then I got a glimpse of the occasional city through gaps in the forest, each one surrounded by huge walls and farms. Then came a small mountain range, then the coast, lined with a wall, riddled with watchtowers and castles. I flew low over the water watching naval ships patrol the coast. Just skimming the waves across what seemed to be a sea channel separating two countries.

I reached the other side and saw another wall lining the coast; also riddled with watchtowers, castles and forts. Then I was back to flying over forests but this time there were many more towns and villages. I passed over a market city with a huge square in the center filled with hundreds of stalls, all selling wares to passers-by. On the over side of the city was a small mountain range that I quickly flew over in seconds. On the other side was more forest that after many miles opened up to huge clearings filled with acres of farmland. I saw a city to my left and I found myself rushing towards it at incredible speeds. As I reached the city I suddenly stopped flying and started falling faster and faster down towards the city. A river came into view as I fell and I fell towards it; the water seeming to rush up to meet me. I could barely scream as I hit the water with a crack blacking out.


I opened my eyes as I drifted into a rock. I was lying next to a river, soaked through. I tried to sit up but was overwhelmed by a sense of dizziness so great that I fell to my knees, my head stinging painfully.

I stumbled off the beach and onto the dock, which at that moment was being used for unloading goods for ships, as two armored men walked over

 I hadn’t done anything wrong but I instinctively ducked behind a low wall as they walked past.  I looked around taking in my surroundings

Where is this? Maikasa? Zolano? No I don’t recognize anything.


The market was in full flow and many stalls were shouting deals just trying to outdo each other in the melee of visitors that had come to sample things from all over the kingdom.

A delicious smell wafted into my nose and I looked around again following the blissful scent, nearby there was a bakery stall and the baker had just taken the fresh batch of hot steaming bread rolls out of the oven and put them aside to cool before turning to make the next batch. I then realized how hungry I was and I longed for a hot bread roll. I walked over and made sure no one was looking before grabbing two and running off down the street. I stuffed the delicious hot bread in my mouth, savoring the taste. There were shouts behind me but I ignored them and kept on running. As I ran down a street and round a corner I smashed into two heavily armored guards one of which drew his sword and stepped towards me, his armor shining, his green cloak showing his emblem of the sun with three swords through it.  The Hiram Barracks … shoot I’m dead.  As he swung his sword I ducked instinctively before coming up and punching him hard in the face. He had not been expecting it and it sent him tumbling to the ground, the other yelled something but I did not hear for he kicked me hard in the leg. I fell to the floor and rolled away crying with pain. I stood up but he was on me again punching me with his armored hand repeatedly. I blocked a punch heading for my head before grabbing at his club and swung it with all my might at his head. It connected solidly with his head giving a sickening crunch. I did not top and sprinted as a dozen crossbow bold thudded into the wall behind where I had been standing. The gate opened and a few more soldiers ran out. I sprinted back down the street and into a square. The men who where following me stopped and realized they had trapped me and drew their knives stepping towards me. There were a series of clanks as the men came under attack from behind.  There was a group of about five Teenage Boys throwing stones clutching knives stood behind the men.

As the soldiers turned to attack the boys another three boys jumped off the roof and struck the soldiers down with daggers. The leader started barking orders and beckoned me to follow them. We sprinted down through the streets towards the river. “Hi I’m Matt and I control the east bank gang.” He said as we sprinted down towards the river and jumped into a rowing boat and the other boys rowed us out of the city. 

“Where are we going” I asked intrigued

“We’re heading for the base” he answered

“What there’s more of you?”

“Yes there are six gangs that patrol the city and we patrol the river.”

We stopped at a bank and got out

“I’m going to get ….” He said pointing at me

“What’s your name” he asked

“Nathaniel” I replied unsure

Is that my name? I don’t know.

“I’m going to get Nathaniel some dry clothes” he said

We walked back into the town and into the market. We walked over to a stall selling coats and warm fur blankets.

The seller was wearing a black cloak his hood kept over his face.

As Matt picked up a cloak a hand grabbed my shoulder and I spun round, there in front of me was a group of soldiers.

I did not have time to react as the man who had grabbed me punched me in the face splitting my lip. I fell to the floor, fear flooding through my veins. Blood dripped from my nose and I cried out in pain.

Matt was grabbed and a blade stabbed into his thigh before he was thrown to the ground. He screamed in agony as blood began to pool around his thigh.

“Got ya villains at last” The tall soldier with the emblem on his cloak shouted triumphantly.

“There’ll be no more robbing across this city, no not now I’m in charge.”




“Teach that boy how we deal with thieves and murderers now” He said spitting before Matt was grabbed tied up and thrown to edge of the river.

He turned and looked at me a tear rolling down his cheek before he was thrown in.

Heat rose in my cheeks as the men started to laugh. I felt fire start to burn inside me and I screamed a high burning note that scorched the air and sent birds fleeing from their nests in the thatch roofs nearby. I turned my attention and hate on the leader

Who stood shocked in the middle of the street. He screamed as he flew backwards before smashing into a brick wall, he then fell to the cobles his body broken. I leapt at another man punching him hard in the face and stealing his knife. I whirled and cut, slashed and snarled until another six dead bodies were piled up in front of me and the rest were fleeing in panic.

Just as I felt triumphant a terrible thought hit me.

Matt, Matt, Matt


I dived into the ice-cold water and swam to the bottom where I found him drifting in the water.

He was heavy but I pulled him out of the water and onto the bank before cutting the ropes that held him and slapping him on the back.

He coughed spitting water onto the floor before inhaling deeply.

He looked up at me before the dead bodies in the street then back to the river and me.

Suddenly I felt an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and everything went Black.

















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