My name is Shadow

Shadows the name and hiding is the game... I knoe ii dont have time left so let me tell you my story... And of how my family drove me to this


1. Shadow

Hello.. My name is... Well its quite a strange one really. My names Shadow and im the black sheep of the family. Quite literally haha. See the pun? I wouldn't call them my family as such. At least thats how they make me feel. Think back to the 60's when black people are treated like animals. Over 50years later and my family still had that mindset. A good catholic family too. Strict catholics might i add. All their snooty friends couldnt agree more with their veiws on racial differences. And how they manage to go to church and pray every sunday i really dont know. So just imagine. They had the perfect white family. A little girl called Christi who is now 29 years of age. Her big brother/protecter Jonathon who is now aged 36 and of course not to forget Bobo the rabbit (god bless him) and Chunky the little hamster (Jesus rest with him). Now just imagine how much their perfect life was ruined when a black child was born into that family. 22 years ago today. See its my birthday today and i never got to tell my story. So here we go...
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