'You're hands, they're glowing,"
"I know Harry, so are yours,"
"Because we're different. Were special. We are protectors to the human race,"


1. zoe

I'm different. I'm... special... I'm a protector. And I'm not alone. Their are 7 of us at the moment. We are the glowing. We protect the human race from harm. We are quite hard to kill as well. We all have a power, a power that can't be known of. We glow. In full battle mode we are like beacons of light. But we can contain it, it comes naturally. We can't fully get rid of it, but we can minimize it to our hands. We are swift and graceful fighters. Our sign is a black feather, all of us have one. We live normal, human lives until our 18th birthday. At that time we have a vision. It explains everything to us. What we are, why we are this, and what we live to do. We are natural born fighters and born of human families randomly. I should introduce myself. I'm Zoë. I'm 19 and a warrior of the light, more commonly known as the glowing. I'm one of three female warriors. The other four are men. We are all in some way, different from humans. The most common difference is eyes. Bright eyes. Unusual colored eyes. My difference is I have violet eyes. Yes, purple eyes. I have long, dark, straight hair and I'm rather tall.
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