Love Doesn't Come Easy....

This story is about a girl named Leanna Jackson ,but people call her Lea for short lives in Australia with her family that she hates with everything she has in her. Her friends are the Janoskians, a boy names Marco and a girl named Hannah and others later on. She gets bullied in school because of her ex boyfriend. All she has is her diary and Marco and Hannah and Beau, but one day she finds something out that could change her life on to find out






  It's been great living in london i've been here for two day's i havem't been this happy sense really i don't know when all i had been was sad and depressed it's time that i start a new life and forget abou the one i had back home.right now i just woke up and looked at my iphone to see what time it is it's 9:30 so i deside to get up and go down stair's to see that nobody is up i shruge and go in the kitchen and make me some tea and sit down and wait for the water to boil after the water is hot i get a tea bag and a cup and make my tea and sit down and drink it i sat there till somdy came down the stair's

"lea"someone said

"liam what are you doing up it's 9:30 "i asked him looking at him confused of why he is up

"i was hungry and came to get somthing to eat ,why are you up you usealy don't get up till 11 "he said making him self some ceral and siting down infront of me

"dunno i woke up and came down here to get some tea "i told him finshing my tea and puting it in the sink and siting back down

"oh ,so what are you up today"he asked lookign at me while eating his ceral

"harry and I are going out today "i told him playign with my hair

"oh that's-wait what did i hear you right you and harry are going out today"he said trying to corret him slef of what i said

"yes liam me and harry are going out today what's wrong with that "i asked him lookign at him confused of why he said that

"i don't think that's a good idea lea i don't want you hurt i would hate to see that my sister being hurt "he said looking at me and puting his bowl in the sink and siting back down 

"liam do you have to be like this i won't get hurt harry isn't like my other boyfriend "i told him rolling my eye's

"what do you mean not like your other boyfriend what did he do to you leanna "he said stoping from what he was doing and looked at me

"he used to beat me and call me name's"i told him looking down at my feet

"HE WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!?"he shouted

"liam shhhhh"i hissed at him trying not to wake the other's up

"leanna he beat you "he said with a harsh voice when he said that

"yes he's done it for three year's back home i broke up with him and he started to bully me after i broke up with him "i told him

"leanna why didn't you tell me this sooner"he said sounded hurt that i didn't tell him

"i didn't know how to tell you i didn't want nobody to know about it "i said to him geting up and going to my room to make my bed and get a shower

"lea you could of told me i wouldn't tell know body "he said comign into tmy room and siting down

"i know liam but it was hard on me at the time i didn't tell knowone but hannah,you,harry you guy's are the only one's to find out about this "i said get the clothes i was goign to wear until my date with harry wait did i call it a date oh well

"lea what ever you need i'm here when you need me"he getin gup and goin out of the room

"yea thanks liam "i said going into the shower and tuning it on a waitng for it to heat up while it heated i locked the door's and took of my clothes and step into the shower i washed my body and washed my hair with starberry and bluebarry my favorite kind after i wash the soap off i turn the shower off step out of the shower and dry off and put my hair in bun till i have to fix it when i get dress't i go over and pick out my outfit i'm wearing today till my date with harry

i pick that out and go over and do my hair and makeup

after i get that done i clean it up and put it away head down stair's to see of the lads were up and they were so i walk down the stair's and go to the kichen to see that everybody was there i go over and take a seat

"hey guy's "i said to them smiling

"hiya lea"they said

"you look beautiful this morning "harry said into my ear i blushed and slap him away

"shut it harry no i son't "i told him

"hold up what did you say i didn't hear you did you say you look beautiful "he said acting like like he didn't hear it

"i said no i don't i look ugly "i said to him hopeing he heard me this time

"leanna marie payne no you don't,don't ever i mean ever say that you look beautiful your not ugly don't ever say that"harry said standing up and lookign at me

"okay esh sorry "i said puting my hands up and laughing at him

"hey lea "hannah said stoping me from whatever i was doing whicj was nothing

"yea hannah "i asked looking at her

"i hear your going on a date with harry tonight "she said wingleing her eye brow's

"yea "i said

"i'm doing your hair and makeup and your outfit"she said and jumpt up

"hannah i'm not wearing a dress and it's not a date "i said to her looking at harry he looked hurt when i said that i just shooke it off he couldn't of liked me

"yea that's what you think "she said rolling her blue eye's at me

"whatever"i said laughing and standing up and going to the living room and sitng down and watching tv

"so you don't think it's date "harry said walking in and sitng down beside me

"i didn't know it was a date first off and second i didn't think you would want to go out on a date with me "i told him pointing out what i said

"well it is a date and i would go out on a date with you "he said lookign at me

"oh well okay what time is it "i asked him turning off the tv and turning to him

"11:30 "he said

"kay just wondering "i said geting up and going to find hannah

"hannah let's go up stair's and pick out my outfit for today"i told her

"okay lets go "she said we walked up to my room and wen to pick outfit and hair makeup

"so what do you like about harry "hannah asked looking threw my closet

"i don't know he's sweet and nice "i told her not think of what i like about harry

"oh come on lea he like's you and you like him you just don't see it "she said looking at me

"no i don't he doesn't even like me "i told her rolling my eye's at what she said do i like it him?no i can't liam won't me date him or will he?

"oh come on yes he does everbody can see it but you and him "she said

"whatever let's get doign this shall we"i said changeing the qestion

"okay let's start with your makeup"

"now on to hair"

"done now let's get you dress shall we "hannah aid geting my outfit

"okay we are done "she said puting the last thing down i get up and go to the mirror and look at me self

"hannah i look beautiful thank you "i said giving her a hug and leting do

"your welcome now let's go it's 2:20 don't want to be late for your date "she said pushing me down the stair's

"i persent you leanna marie payne"hannah said calling my name i walk down stair's to see the boy'd mouth's open and there eye's wide

"boy's close the mouth's dont let the fly's get in there "hannah said laughing at there face's

"m'lady "harry said geting my hand and walking to the car

"you look beautiful tonight "he said walkign over to the other side of the car and getin gin and staring the car

"thank's you don't look bad your self "i told him buckling up

"so where we going?"i asked harry

"can't tell you "he said looking at me and smirking

"ugh you know i hate surprize's "i told him

"well tufe luck because it is"he said

"whatever"i said rolling my eye's

"we're here"he said parking and geting out and opening my door

"you broght me to a park "i asked looking at him

"yea you don't like it it?"he asked lookign worrierd

"no no i love it ,race you to the swing's"i said geting a head start to the swing

"hey,no fare you cheated" he said runing over and sitng next to me and swinging with me

"so leanna what do you like to do ?"harry asked looking at me while swinging

"i love to dance in my free time it taked my mind off of stuff when i'm stressed or upset sometimes"i told him lookign at the sky it was a beautiful day out sense it's day time out

"that's cool ,do ever think of after high school become a dancer ?"he asked me

"yea i do after i leave  high school sense i'm a senior i'm going to collage to become a dancer "i told him kicking the rocks with my feet

"that's great lea "he said smiling at me

"yea me and hannah alway's dreamed of becoming a dancer when we grew up that's what we alway's wanted to be "i told him

"mabe i can help you two out after you leave high school "he said looking at me

"no harry i couldn't let you do that i can do it myself "i said looking at him like he was crazy

"no lea i want to this will help you "he said stoped swinging and looking at me

"harry i can't let you do that "i said geting up and going for a walk

"wait lea let me do it please "he said stoping me

"fine but i'll het you back some way "i said smirking at him

"great thanks leanna "he said huging me

"can't...breath"i said said taking breath's

"oh sorry "he said puting me back down

"do you wanna go to starbucks"he asked

"yea sure that'd be great "i said smiling

"okay let's go "he said grabing my hand and walkign to starbucks sense across the street

"what'd you like "the cash year asked

"i'll have a greeb tea "i told her

"and whta'd you like cutey"she asked amiling at him wow fake i thought to myself

"i'll have the same "he said not even listen to what she said at the end

"okay it'll be 10 please "she asked

"here you go "i said

"no i'm paying "harry said stoping me

"no it's fine "i said

"leanna payne i'm paying "he said

"okay okay fine "i said puting my money back into my purse

"here you go "she said

"wait your harry styles from one direction "she asked

"yea that's me "he said laughing

"can i get a picture "she asked

"yea sure "he said and took the picture

"have a nice day with your girlfriend "she said waving

"he's not my boyfriend "i told her geting my drink and leaving the store

"let's get back home sorry about that"he said walking to the car and geting in

"no it's fine i had a great time today harry thank you "i said smiling at him

"it's my pleasure "he said and drove off to the flat

"we're home "harry said walkign in and shuting the door

"how'd he it go "hannah asked walking up to me

"it was great i loved it "i said smiling

"aww does someone have a crush "she asked piching my cheeks'

"no i don't "i said swating her hand away

"yea you do you just don't see it "she said was it did i like harry no i can't liam said i couldn't date him

"whatever i'm going to a dance stdio want to come hannah "i asked her walkign back up to my room to change into my dance clothes and get my stuf to dance

"yea let me change give me a sec"she said walkign out and going to change while she was changeing i go and get changed my self

after about 10 min hannah comes back in looking like this


"ready to go "i asked her grabing my bag and going down stair'sto the boy's

"well be back boy's "i told them

"okay be safe"liam said

"okay bye "i said and walked in my car that i got from my parent's for a welcome home present i get in and buckle up and start the car

"you ready to dance your butt off"i asked hannah driving to a dance studio that didn't have people in it

"yea it's been a while sense we've dance"she said

"yes it's be like 2 year's sense we've dance "i told her finding a dance studio but it had people in it oh well i want to dance

"let's go "hannah said get outand grabing her bag and going in.i grab my bag and walk behide her and walkign in to see girls dacning to hip hop i like it here

"hello what can i help you with "i lady with blonde hair walked over

"we wanted to come and see if we could dance here "i told her hopeing she would say yes

"great we needed new people here anyway set your stuff down and find a spot and we will start to dance "she said

"okay thanks "i said walkign over and puting my stuff and going to a empte spot

"hi i'm ryan parker "a girl with brown curly hair with blue eye's came over

"hi i'm leanna payne nice to meet you "i said said shaking her hand

"you too "she said walkign back to where she had to be i like that girl we'regoign to get along real well

"okay girl's we are going to let one at time dance you can dance to what you want doesn't matter"she said hooking her iphone into ihome

"okay who's up "she asked

"i'll go "i said geting up and walking over

"okay start when you want "she said walkign off

the music start's and i began to dance i let the world disapear i feel like i was the only one there the pain that i have was gone it was like i needed this in my life i didn't have jake or my fake parent's it was just me after the sing ends i land into a pose with my hand up and my other hand on my arm that was up in the air

"wow leanna that was awsome where did you learn to dance like that "asked ryan walking over to me  

"i leared how to dance when i was little i've always loved to dance "i told her going over to my bag and puling out a water bottle and drinking

"who's the girl "asked a fake clown i mean girl walking over to were me and ryan was

"go away ashley "ryan said to her clenging her teeth to gether

"no who are yo u"she asked turning to me

"i'm leanna payne "i told her not caring what i care about her

"wait your liam payne's sister right "she asked

"yea thats right "i told her grabing my stuff 

"yea right we all know that liam dosen't have a sister your just lieing to us so you can fit in here"she said rolling her caked eye's

"no i'm not lying to you just to fit in i came here to dance not to be letcher by a raped ass clown "i said grabing my key's and leaving with hannah with me

"wait leanna"ryan said

"yea ?"i said turing around

"can i have your number"she asked

"yea it's 606553421"i told her while she wrote it down

"thanks us three should hang out sometime "she said

"yea that would be great"i said

"well nice to meet you leanna i'll she you sometime "she said turing around and goign back in the dance studio

"well was ashley nice "hannah said geting in the car

"yea i think she need's to slow down on the makeup "i said staring the car and driveing off to house






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