Love Doesn't Come Easy....

This story is about a girl named Leanna Jackson ,but people call her Lea for short lives in Australia with her family that she hates with everything she has in her. Her friends are the Janoskians, a boy names Marco and a girl named Hannah and others later on. She gets bullied in school because of her ex boyfriend. All she has is her diary and Marco and Hannah and Beau, but one day she finds something out that could change her life on to find out



chapter 2.

Just another day of the hell hole so called my school I hate it and my so called 'parent's' are the same too, they hate me nothing different. Don't blame them nobody likes me. I'm a nobody. The only friends I have are Marco, which he is gay he knows the pain that I go threw at school and with my parents, and I have Hannah, she's been there through everything, the Brooks brothers, Beau, Jai, and Luke, Beau has been there since about 3rd grade, then there's James and Daniel, they have been there for me. I live in Australia, I moved here for no reason what-so-ever. I've only been here for three year and these three year have been hell for me. my ex-boyfriend Jake is the pain in my ass. My problem is all he does is bully me. It started when I told him that I wanted to break up with him. He told me that if I do he would make my life hell. Well he's kept that promise so far. He's done everything to do to me. I write everything in my dairy from the beating from my parent's, to the bullying from Jake and everything. Right now I've got to go to school. I go over and pick out an outfit for school. After that I go and fix my hair. Then I go downstairs to get breakfast. After I eat I go and brush my teeth and get my school stuff. I go back downstairs and get my car key and go to school .




I pull into a parking space i get my stuff and get out i walk up to the front of the school and walk in it's the first day back to school i'm a senior in school this is my last year here i can't wait to leave this place it's hell but anyway i walk up to my locker and get my first two class are writng and math i get them .shut my locker door and go over to hannah at her locker


"hey hannah "i said walking over to her and puting my stuff down

"hey leanna how's it being a senior "she asked shuting her locker

"It feel's great i don't have to see this place nomore and have to deal with jake and these people "i said claping my hands and siting down

"yea but how's it going at your house "she asked looking at me

"still the same the parent's hating me and don't care "i said rolling my eye's

"i know but do you really think of why you were adopted and how you got there leanna this people aint your real parent's there your adopted parent's your real parent's are out there some where out in the world maybe they didn't just give you up maybe somthing happen that they had to do it "she said looking at me and puting her hands on my shoulders

"yea maybe your right, but what if i find my parent's and they don't want me "i asked her geting my stuff and heading to our class

"just me if they were looking for you they wouldn't hate you they probely lookign for you right now but if they ain't you can look for them "she said and takign our seat's


*after class*

"hey hannah i've been thinking of what you said and i may do it i may find my real parent's and ask them why they gave me up "i told her puting my two class in my locker and geting out science and social studies

"great ,let's go to class the teacher will be mad if we aren't in there on time "she said shuting her locker walkimg over to me and grabing my hand and goign to the next class



*after scince *

"well well ain't it leanna jackson "jake said walking over to me

"what do you want jake "i said lookign at him in the eye's

"i just came to tell you wish you good luck this year "he said smirking at me i can't stand when he does that i hate him for do this to me

"wipe the smirk of your face your i will "i said    

"and what if i don't what are you going to do bout it "he said comign closer i took a step closer bout to lonchen mt self at him

"this "i said jumping on him and punching his face in this was my anger coming out of me this is what he caused to me the pain for three year's

"leanna let's go get off of him now before we get in trouble "hannah said comign over and trying to get me off of him

"no he need's to feel the pain he's cause me for three year's just becuase i broke up with him "i said kept punching at him

"leanna let's go now "hannah said geting me off of him and walkign away from him

"you'll reget that leanna i promise you "jake shouted at me while i walked awat from him and going to my next class

"lea what was that for ?"hannah asked puting her stuff down and takign her seat

"i don't know i just.... got tired of him do this me i just got angry and well you know the rest "i told her get out my scince book and waiting for class to start

"well i'm glad you stud up for your self to him "she said smiling at me

"yea i know i just couldn't take it nomore "i said lookign down

"lea there's nothign to be sad at you beat him up "she said puting her hand on my leg

"yea i know "i said and then class started


*after class *


"hey lea is it okay if i come over to your house later after school?"hannah asked walking over to my locker

"yea sure that's fine "i said shuting my locker

"great now let's go to lunch im starving "she said and then we were off to lunch

"so lea are you thinking about your real parent's "hannah asked me and grabing our seat's

"dunno "i said shuging my shoulder's

"well what do you think about them ?"she asked me starting to eat her food

"how am i going to know they gave me up three year's ago which i don't know for "i said making my point of what she said

"like i said lea they may or may not have gave you up maybe somthing happen that they had to "she said

"maybe "i said eating my food


*after lunch *

"lea i don't want you to think that your  real parent's hate you "hannah said walking to our last class of the day

"i know i don't hate them they prblely had a rense to give me up "i said goign in our class and sitng down

"i'm glad you aren't thinking they hate you or you hateing them "she said

"yea your right "i said



*after school *

"let's go home "i said puting my stuff in my locker and walkign out and going to my car

"let's "hannah said geting in the car and bucking her seat belt

"hey lea "hannah said

"umm"i said looking staight ahead

"what are you thinking about "she said lookign at me

"what my adopted parent's did and how they got me nobody would let them kind of people let adopted kids"i said lookign at her for a sed and then back at the road

"i don't know what to say "she said

"me either "i said


while we were driving w came to my house to see the police handcufing mt adopted parent's

"what's goign on "hannah said unbucking her seat belt and geting get out

"i have no clue "i said geting out and walking up the side walk

"what's going on what are you doing "i said lookignat them confused of what they are doign to my adopted parent's

"are you leanna payne "one offcier

"no i'm leanna marie jackson "i said looking at them confused of what they are trying to say

"what did they "hannah asked the officer that asked me the qestioned

"they kiddnaped a girl three year's ago from the adoped place "the officer said

"you did what "i asked them geting angry of what they did

"what does she look like "hannah asked the officer

"she's 5'5 105 pounds had light brown eye's and wavy brown hair "he said back to hannah

"how old is she "i asked them

"she's 17 ma'm "he said

"whats her name "i asked him trying to think of who she was

"her name is leanna payne miss"he said

"her name is leanna jackson but she's not a payne "hannah said lookign at me from the officer

"well not she's a payne they just changed her last name to there's to make sure they didn't get caut kiddnaping "he said i stood there shocked at what he was saying i couldn't take that all in at once she had hair just like mine eye's just like mine and a name just like mine

"w-what "i said lookign at him

"i'm soory miss but your the girl that was kiddnaped three year's ago you real name is leanna marie payne "he said i looked like a deer in head light's

"so you telling me that i was kiddnaped by these two people "i asked him pointing at the people that were my parent's

"yes that's right miss"he said

"all this time i was kiddnapped and you never told me "i asked the two people that were my parent's WERE

"we didnt want you to know "she said lookging at me

"i don't care what you say i dont want to see you again never your out of my life "i said tear's bout to come out

"leanna you'll have to come with us and go back to your parent's "he said

"wait what i can't i can't leave hannah here "i said looking at them dumb founded

"she's coming to "he said

"wait let me get my stuff "i said running up the stair's and geting everything in my room and puting it in my siutcase and walkign back down stair's

"where we going "i asked the officer

"we're going to london egland "he said helpign me with my suitcase and puting it in the cop car

"so my family live's in london "i asked him in geting in the car and buckling up

"yes thats right "he said driving out of the saide walk and goign to the airport

"lea i told you that somthing was up "hannah said

"yea your right there was "i said runing a hand threw my hair

"but now you get to see you real parent's "she said happy

"yea that's great "i said smiling


*at the airport *

"okau hannah leanna you'll be going on that plane and will be landing in london my tomorrow"he said geting out suitcase and handing it to us

"okay thanks for the help and telling us "i said and geting my suitcase and walking off

"your welcome leanna be safe "he sai and then drove off

"well we're goign to final see your real parent's "hannahd said goign threw the line detecter

"yea i'm excited to see them "i said geting my shoes and goign to the plane







"WHAT ?!?!?!?!?"i said shouting at my parent's

"don't shout liam we never told you because we thought we would never see her again"mt mum told me

"so your sayin that i have a sister"i said to them

"yes liam you have a sister she'll be come here tomorrow

"how did this happen ?"i asked them sitting back down

"It was three year's ago after you left for x-factor one day while we were out we came home to see that leanna wasn't home we looked every where for her but we couldn't we kept lookign everyday for her nothing happend we thought there was no choise and stop looking for her we thought we wouldn't get her back "my mum said to me i had tear's comign out of my eye's

"why did you tell me when she was kiddnapped i would have come back home "i told them

"we didn't tell you because we wanted you to live your dream we didn't want that to happen you we wanted you to have your dream so we ddin't tell you "she said lookign at me

"but you could have told me that mum i wanted to know what happen to my sister "i told her

"liam it doesn't matter now we have her back nothign to have to get angry at she's coming back home "she said

"i know when will she be landing "i asked them

"she'll be landing in 17 hour's "she said

"okay can't wait to see her "i said smiling at them

"we all can't wait "she said










~i hope you like it sorry i didn't have it faster i had to plan some stuff fo this chapter

i hope you lie it :) !!!




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