Across the water

A collection of poetry. The subject is hope and moving on. It's new beginnings and finding your way back. Enjoy!♥


1. Across the water



Across the water

Where the shore shines of gold

Is where our life is

It's where we'll be whole

Under the ground

And far above the stars

Lies a world

Where I can be found

But on this side

This helpless hopeless shore

We are lost

And we don't know what for

We are blind

Groping through the night

But you have me

Like I know you're by my side

And because of that

I can see so crystal clear

My future is bright

Whenever you are near

Across the water

Lies a wonderful, magical world

Where I just might

Be a normal, regular girl

Where dreams happen

And really do come true

Hope is for everyone

And not just some chosen few

Where happiness

Doesn't come in nice wrapping

And where love

Isn't planned, you just let it happen

I will take you

Wherever you want to go

And I will never

Let you be on your own

We will end

Where mad men begin

And we will be

Completely one of them

I love you

And I now can finally see

Across the water

Is where we'll be



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