Fly Away, Birdie

"You're living in the middle of a war-zone, Birdie. Why don't you just fly away and be free?" In the not-so-distant future, our world is at war with a secretive terrorist society. Their aim is to cleanse the world of the unworthy, so that a perfect world can be created. Seventeen year old Birdie Frost and her father haven’t been the same since her mother became the first victim of this war. Birdie is trying to just live a normal life, wait out this awful war until the terrorists who murdered her mother are captured. But all that changed when the mysterious Thorn moves to town...


1. Running Late

The melodious twittering of songbirds made the young girl stir. Everything seemed calm; you would never have guessed that this small village was under attack. The girl sat up in her single bed and stretched. She pushed her long, blonde hair out of her sapphire blue eyes and began to get ready for the busy day ahead.

She tied her hair back with ribbon the same colour as her eyes and through on a matching camisole and denim hot pants.

“Birdie, come on!” Her father called from downstairs, “Breakfast’s ready and you don’t want to be late on your first day.”

“Coming Dad!” She yelled back down to him, grabbing some navy high-tops before running down to the kitchen.

“If your mother could see you now, she would be so proud of you.” The fair haired man trailed off, tears in his eyes.

Birdie looked down, hiding tears of her own. It had been nearly a year since her mother died. She could still remember every detail…


Birdie’s mother had just left for work. She was a secretary at the local police station. Her father had been watching the news when they showed the station up in flames, rubble littering the street. Her and her father watched as they heaved bodies from the bombsite.

Maybe her mother had been late and missed the bombing? Maybe she was still alive? As the corpses began to pile up and names of the deceased were broadcast, Birdie began to lose hope. Sure enough, the name Lauren Frost was added to the list. Birdie and her father had never been the same since.


Birdie dared a glance at the clock to find that it was already five to eight! She couldn’t be late on her first day of her new school! She hastily grabbed a piece of toast and sprinted for the door. She ran all the way to the school building to find the courtyard empty. What a great start.

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