Flying With The Angels

Louis Liam Harry Niall Zayn


1. Flying

Louis sat in a huddle with the boys.

" Everyone h-h-hates me."  Louis stuttered as the boys scrolled down in disgust of the endless amounts of hate. 
" Lou... No one hates you." Harry whispered to louis.

" No they hate m-m-me." 

But the boys didn't know this had started from the beginning. This has been going of for  3 years.   


The directioners where fine with it.

The haters. Were not.

" Louis,   your gay"
                " You cant sing" 

                          " Your a f***ot"

Louis sighed. He couldn't let the boys see him cry. Even though he cries every night in the bathroom.

The boys didn't know about the hate, but all Louis knew was  If it went to far the trigger would be pulled.

"Louis?" Liam asked in a worried tone." Lou.. You okay?"

" Im fine." He lied

Louis put his head to his knees and let out a little tear desperate to come out.

Unfortunate for him Harry saw.

"Lou.. Please don't cry." 

Louis couldn't keep it in anymore and let the hurt filled tears stream down his face. Al the boys huddled in a group hug like they did when they were first put together

Louis sobbed and sobbed until the boys let go when they heard he started to sniff.

" Im gonna go to bed." Louis sniffed. He walked to the room but entered the bathroom. 

Louis locked the bathroom door silently without letting the boys heard and put the toilet seat down and sat on it comfortably. 

He looked at the endless amounts of hate. Its just went on and on and on. Louis saw a tweet that caught his tear filled eyes.

' Go Kill Yourself'

Louis  saw his shaving blade on the counter. 

Louis thought

' you wont be missed'
         ' I'll be happier.' 
                'Everyone hates me." 


Louis stood up by the counter seeing his reflection in the mirror he disassembled  his  shaving blade. leaving four shinny blades on the counter. He picked one of the counter.

Waisting no time he put it against his skin  and  sliced his wrist. Letting his blood trickle slowly down his arm.

Louis cringed at the sight but was determined to fill the dream of the hater.

To fill the dream of the haters.

He made 6 distinctive cuts letting all the blood trickle down his arm like a waterfall.

Louis started to feel light headed and dizzy.

Louis went to the bathtub and pit on the cold water tap filling the bathtub.


Louis didn't waste time with his slow death. He climbed into the crisp cold water with his clothes on making him gain goosebumps.

 Louis sat in the tub washing the cuts thoroughly as he murmured things to himself. 

 "They all hate you louis"
      They will be better without you


Someone nocked on the door. Louis sighed and slipped his head
under the water. He kept his breath in as he could hear the door being knocked from the outside world.

Louis opened his eyes one last time to see his blood flow around in the bath water.

Louis then smiled to himself closing his eyes once again.

Liam knocked on the door repeatedly. He was unsure about louis having a bath at this time of night.He called again.

but there was no response.


" Lou in the bedroom?" Liam asked in a worried tone.

Niall shook his head.

Liam started to panic. He ran to the door banging it shouting his name.

He hit realisation on what louis was trying to do.

"LOUIS!!?!?"  He screamed for  his best friend.

Tears poured out of his eyes for his best friend. The boys stood agape at Liam's sudden shock.


"L-l- Louis went to kill himself." 

Liam stuttered his voice shaking at the lump in his throat.


The boys acted immediately banging at the door trying their best to save their best-friend.

Zayn managed to find a knife and unlocked the door.

The boys all stood in shock at seeing louis in the bathtub lifeless and without motion.

 "LOUIS!?! OH MY GOD!!?" Harry cried lifting his best-friend's pale white body out  of the cold crisp water seeing the distinctive gashes in his arm still leaking with blood .

Harry pulled Louis our of the bath and lay him on the tiled floor. Zayn was no part of it he sat in the corner and rocked back and forth in shock of his friend may be dead.


Liam checked for a pulse. He looked up and choked as he spoke.

" Lads... H-h-he's gone.."

Harry was the first to brake down he just wished to hear louis's chirpy voice again.

 Harry kneeled by his best friend now pale, wrinkly and motionless and morned for his friend.


The boys cried for hours until the paramedics came and took his body away.


The boys cried for weeks and cancelled all the  shows and meetings with the fans.

Every night harry goes on his twitter and looks at the tweet from months ago about his friends death.

@LouisTommo. Forever in our hearts, Forever in mine 

Love Harry <3


The night louis died harry found a note under his pillow. It read...

To Harry 

Harry Im sorry I have gone. I did this for the haters, to fill their dreams of me dead. I hope they are proud of their hatred and despise of me. I am in a better place. I am free.

I am flying with the angels


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