The Silver Mirror (One shot)

Ja det er min engelsk stil som jeg fik 10 for, og jeg tænkte at jeg ville poste den her på Movellas.
Den handler om den 16årige Clary som træder ind i en helt ny verden gennem at sølv spejl. Derinde skal hun så bekæmpe det onde, som hersker over landet Cantria.
I må meget undskylde hvis der stadig er fejl. xxx


1. The Silver Mirror



he looked at the mirror. It went from the floor and up to the ceiling. It looked very old, and the frame was made of pure silver. It was a magnificent piece of work. Even though it probably had been in the house for years, it hadn’t collected any dust at all. She didn’t dare touch it, but it was like a magnet, dragging her to do it. She touched it. The surface felt all cold, and smooth, under her warm fingers. She stepped a little closer, and now she could see her own breath, in front of her. She pressed her fingers against the mirror, and they went through it. Her eyes widened up, as she came closer and closer to the mirror. When she took the last step through the mirror she closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw the most enchanted world ever seen. How beautiful she thought. There was green grass all over the place, a wonderful forest. At her right there was a small village made of huts, and on her left it looked a little foggy. It all seemed perfect to her. She slowly began to move her feet and walk over to the village, she wanted to ask someone if they knew where she was. In the village there wasn’t anybody outside, how strange she thought, and went over to knock on a door. It lasted some seconds, before she could hear footsteps, and the door was opened. She could just make it through the opening, and now she was in a little nicely hut. She heard whispering from another room and, decided to follow the voices. In the room there sat three short people looking scared at her. She couldn’t understand why, she was very confused. They all were quiet, not a sound, it began to feel weird. At last she asked the question. Where was she? The people looked shocked, like it was obvious where she was. But before they told her they introduced themselves. The smallest was named Balcar, the second one was named Triffel, and the last was named Blonk. They still told her with a low, voice that she was in the country Cantria. Her grandfather used to tell stories about a magical country, called Cantria, but she never really believed it. So all his stories was true, it was hard to understand. She didn’t know what to say, she just stood like she was frozen, and couldn’t speak a word. The three kind men asked her about; who she was? Where she was from? What she knew about Cantria, and much more. But they had to whisper, and she didn’t know why. She asked why they had to whisper, and then, Balcar, Triffel and Blonk, looked at each other and nodded. They told her about the dark queen, and how she had taken over the whole country. Such horrible thing to do she was thinking. Balcar got up, and went over to the tiny library, where he found a paper, with some small drawings and text on. It was a kind of prophecy. He laid it on the desk and started reading it.

When the dark rises, the one will come. The dark will meet its fear. One life it takes and only one. The battle between light and dark will end, when one of them comes to their very end. The battle will stand the first full moon, after the one has arrived.

He asked if she understood what she just had been told, she was the one, or so they thought. But the drawings showed a totally different person, she didn’t think I looked like her at all. She was low, had red hair. The girl on the paper, was taller, brunette, and fought a dragon. Why did they even bother thinking that she was the one to defeat the dark? Her hair wasn’t natural red, and normally she would be brunette, but still, she was short and wasn’t brave. She sat alone in the living room, waiting for Balcar, Triffel and Blonk. They had said that they needed talk about what was going to happen now, that she was here. When they came back, they told her that she was going to a safer place, where she would be practicing magic, and how to handle a weapon. They themselves would follow her to the place, where the white witch would welcome her. They packed a lot of things, that they would need on the journey, like food, water, matches and so on. The whole journey lasted two days. They had to go through the forest, which was a nice time. The forest wasn’t scary and everywhere there were fairies flying around. But they also had to cross the river of the dead. It was really hard to cross the river because it wasn’t easy to see if you were going to step on a dead or a stone. If you touched a dead they would come to live, and they would try to kill you, so they themselves would be alive again. But finally they made it.

When the elves, dwarfs, fairies and everybody else saw her, they began to cheer. Through the small crowd at tall man, wearing amour, came over to her and mumbled something about that there wasn’t time. A small white castle was in front of her. When she got in a lady, only in white almost like a bride, sat in a couch, like she was expecting her. The man closed the door. Now she was alone with the white witch. The witch was really beautiful, her hair was all white, and her dress was marvelous and white as snow. “Clary, I’ve waited for you to come” was the first thing that the witch said, but how did she know that Clary was her name? The witch stood up, and asked Clary to follow her. They went outside, where some people, in amour, were training with swords, and some was practicing spells. It was an amazing sight, and Clary caught herself thinking how it would be. Suddenly he witch handed her a sword, like she had read Clary’s mind, and showed her a boy, at her age, that she was going to train with. Clary actually wasn’t that bad at using a sword, but the boy won most of the time. A couple of hours went, and she now had to go train on spells. She only had this day, and tomorrow to practice, and then she would have to travel, on her own. And so she did, she practiced her spells and her sword fighting, and she ended up being pretty good, even though she only had two days.

The day had come, today it would be full moon. Clary would have to travel, and the other were coming with her. She just had to fight the dark queen all alone. Clary was a bit scared of that one fact, but she would do it, for the people that lived in Cantria. She wore a light, but strong amour. They went through the black forest, where trees were rising above them. In the bushes she could hear low noises, making everything scarier. When they finally got out of the forest, the place was all dark, but the moon was blinding white. It was foggy, but it was moving away, and there she stood, the dark queen. She was all in black, but she got shining green eyes that only showed evil. The other had stopped, but Clary was still heading forward over to the queen. The queen smiled with no fear. Now they stood in front of each other looking directly into each other’s eyes. They both knew what was going to happen. They both took a few steps away, raised their hands, preparing to cast a spell. Clary used a fire spell, but the queen did something very unexpected thing. All around the queen were sparkling like small firework. Now where the queen just had stood, there now was a great dragon roaring. Clary’s eyes were wide open, and she didn’t know exactly what to do. She looked back at the other for help, but she didn’t get any. They all were trapped behind an invisible wall. Clary started moving further over to the dark queen, while the queen watched every single one of her steps carefully. The queen opened her mouth and spit out acid. Clary jumped to the side, so that she wouldn’t get covered in acid. She looked at the dragon with fear. How was Clary supposed to kill the queen, she didn’t know what the queens weakness was either. While she was thinking, she didn’t realize the dragon coming closer to her, before it was right in front of her. Clary, once again, raised her hand casting another fire spell. But the spell didn’t harm the queen in any way at all. Clary ran, and hid behind a great stone. She tried to figure out how to defeat the dark queen. She remembered the paper, with the prophecy and drawing. The drawing showed a girl digging sword straight into the heart of the dragon. Maybe that’s the thing she would have to do. She could hear the queen hiss, and walking towards her. Clary stood up, and in a split second she was over at the dragon, digging the sword into its heart. All the sparkling once came again, and now the dark queen was back to normal. She gasped loudly for air, before she was turned into stone.

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