Guide Lines & Tips

Comr on guys. Why do we always turn to the internet for advice? Can't blame you. I used to do it.
This is a book for guidelines for life. Girls and boys. Advice for both.
Tips for crushing, school problems, and anything else. Comment any questions and I'll give advice. Boys feel free to ask. Aldo I'm asking if a guy wants to help me a bit. Thanks.


1. Introducing Myself

Hello Lovely Strange People

     Who apparently have problems in their lives like me. Teens have so much crap in their lives. this book is made as a guideline to see how to go in life. I'll add chapters once and while as long as I get ideas, which you can help with by asking any questions. Don't be shy and even though I'm not the oldest but I have advice that helps a lot. All my friends always ask me for adivce and I talk to people on Omegle and end up solving their problems too. Don't be shy please. I don't bite or in this cause judge.                                                                                                             

     Anyways um something about me is that my birthday is December 22, my favorite color is green, and I'm a Mexican. I can be random and I'm actually the mature one of my pack of friends, we really need a new mature person. 

    I'll try my best to keep this going and thank you for reading this boring introduction. Comment questions and opinions. Thanks! 


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