Life on the Run

When something happens to Bree's parents that they won't recover from, Bree and her two sisters, Gabriella and Aubrey, have to run away. Trouble always seems to find them when they are alone. When Bree get separated from her sisters she gets into major trouble. Will she be able to escape this trouble? What happens if she gets caught? Will they hurt her? Will anybody be able to help her? Read to find out.


1. Night Club

"Bree, are you awake?" I heard someone whisper from the door of my bedroom. I recognized who it was just by the voice, it was my older sister Gabriella (Gabby). She is 20. She has long, curly dark brown hair and green eyes. And she is super pretty. She could easily be a supermodel but instead she wants to be a mechanic. She doesn't look like she'd be the kind of girl for that stuff but she is. She is in college and she is home for the summer.

"Well I am now." I said sarcastically and groaned as I rolled over on my bed trying to cover my face from the light intruding through the crack in the door. "Go away, I'm trying to sleep!" I hissed under my breath.

"Oh come on! Just come out with us, it'll be fun!" My other sister Aubrey said. She is 19, just graduated high school and still lives at home. She also has long curly hair, hers is black with brown highlights. She is also very pretty, but she looks young for her age. Maybe 16 or 17.

"No it won't, you said that last time and you just ditched me right away!" I complained sitting up.

"Girls? Are you out there?" I heard my dad call from his bedroom across the hall. We all froze looking at each other, wide-eyed.

"Uh, no Dad, just me, I was, uh, getting a glass of water." I called back. I was the only one who would have a reason to be upstairs. Gabby and Aubrey's rooms were downstairs.

"Well hurry and get to bed. You know how I hate it when you guys get up in the middle night." He called back.

"Right, sorry Dad." I apologized quietly.

"Now leave before you get us all grounded!" I whisper yelled at my sisters as I tried to push the out of my room.

"Please? Just this one time. We won't ever ask you again. We promise." Aubrey begged.

"Ugh, you promise? Just this once?" I asked

"Cross our hearts." She said crossing over where her heart would be with her finger.

"Fine." I groaned.


The next hour was spent getting me ready, Gabby and Aubrey were already ready to go. They were just waiting on me to get ready. I put on my favorite and only partying outfit. It consisted of a gold cocktail dress, gold high heels, a sparkly gold clutch and gold earrings with little crystals on it. ( I put my make-up on; a smoky eye and pink lip-gloss. I put some anti-frizz cream in my curly red hair and I was done.  I walked quietly down to the living room where my sisters were waiting. Gabby was wearing a pink one-shouldered ruffle cocktail dress with silver accessories, ( and Aubrey was wearing a black feather cocktail dress with black and silver accessories. (

"It's about time!" Gabby joked as I got to the bottom of the stairs. I looked at the clock, it was only 12:30.

"Wow, you look hot!" Aubrey joked also.

"Thanks. Can we just go now?" I asked impatiently, the sooner we get out of here, the sooner we get back.


When we got to the club I could not only hear the music, but I could feel it before we even got inside. The bouncer outside the club saw Gabby and Aubrey here so many times that he greeted them by name.

"'Morning Gabby, Aubrey." He said kindly.

"Good morning Rick." They both said together and then laughed.

"Looks like you have a new addition to your group, I haven't seen her here before. Sorry, I'm going to need some ID." Rick said sternly as he eyed me.

"Oh come on Rick, she's 18. She wouldn't be here if she wasn't would she? If we were gonna sneak her in under-age, she woulda been here a long time ago." Gabby lied. I was only 17, but if I didn't know any better I might have believed her myself.

Rick thought about it for a second, "Oh all right, I suppose you're right, go ahead." He said as he opened the door for us.

There were so many bodies in the club I could barely move. Aubrey had to grab my hand and drag me along other wise I never would of been able to move.

"Where are we going?" I had to yell so she could hear me.

"We are going to go find a place to sit." She yelled back.

She dragged me over to a booth where Gabby was already sitting.

"You dragged me all the way here just to sit? We could've done that at home!" I yelled standing at the edge of the booth.

"Of course not! We're just gonna have a couple drinks then we're gonna go dance and mingle." Gabby laughed loudly.

"You know I don't drink, and I'm not about to start." I said coldly.

"Then why did you even come if you aren't even going to have some fun, you're just ruining the party for us." Gabby shot at me.

"Because you guys forced me to!" I yelled in disbelief.

"Okay guys, clam down. We came here to have fun remember. Just sit down Bree and have a few drinks, it's not that bad." Aubrey said trying to calm us down.

"Whatever! You guys have fun without me, I'm leaving." I said as I turned around to leave. Ugh! why can't they just understand that I just don't want to poison myself!

As I was walking quickly toward the exit someone grabbed my wrist stopping me, thinking it was Aubrey or Gabby I turned around.

"Now what do you wa-" I cut myself off. It wasn't either of them. It was a tall boy probably about Gabby's age. He had jet black hair combed into a quiff. He was pretty cute, that's the only reason I didn't immediately run away.

"Where are you going so fast? You just got here!" He spoke loudly above the music.

"I'm leaving. Now let me go." His grip was starting to hurt my wrist.

"Why, we could have some fun." He winked at me.

"No thank you. I just ruin the fun anyways." I muttered thinking about what Gabby said just a few minutes ago.

"Don't say that, you look like you could be lots of fun." He said looking at my body up and down. He pulled me by the hand towards the back of the club.

"Stop it! Let me go!" I yelled trying to pull away but his grip was too tight. He just ignored me and kept dragging me until we reached the bathroom. Uh oh. He took me inside and as soon as the door was closed his lips were on mine.

"Stop it!" I yelled pushing him away.

"Don't tell me what to do, you're not getting away from me that easily." He yelled and slapped me. Then he put his lips on mine again and pushed me against the wall. I was trapped between him and the wall, I had nowhere to go. He started pulling my dress up over my head.

"Help!" I yelled as his lips left mine for the brief second it too to rip my dress over my head. But then his lips were back on mine again and I couldn't yell.

He pushed me into a stall and locked the door. He unbuttoned his pants and was about to pull my underwear down when someone walked in. He froze for a second and I took my chance, I pulled away and yelled.

"Help! Please help me!" He clenched his hand over my mouth so hard that I will probably have bruises in the morning.

"What's going on in there?" Someone called from the other side of the door. I was trying to scream but his hand was still over my mouth. I banged on the metal wall of the stall.

The boy with me pulled my underwear down with his free hand and was just about to enter me when the door burst open and there stood a tall figure that - I couldn't really see him because it was so dark in the whole club - I think he was a blonde boy who looked a little older than me.

"Get off of her you sick bastard!" He yelled as he pulled him off of me.

The two boys started fighting, throwing punches back and forth. I pulled my panties back up and sat in far in the corner of the stall as I could and started crying. I was too afraid to try and run out afraid that he might catch me if I went past him.

After a couple minutes - which seemed like hours - passed somebody else came in to the bathroom. It was the bouncer I saw when I came in - couldn't remember his name - and he quickly broke up the fight. He pulled the dark-haired boy by the collar of the shirt.

"I've had nothing but trouble from you since you started coming here." He said disgusted as he pushed him out of the bathroom.

The blonde boy looked at me then and slowly took a step towards me. I immediately flinched and hugged my knees trying to make myself smaller.

"Shh, shh it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." He said quietly and took another step closer so that he was now standing a foot away from me.

"N-n-no. G-g-go  a-a-away." I stuttered as I shook, hiding my face in my knees.

"Here's your dress." He said calmly and handed me my dress and he sat down beside me. I immediately pushed my self against the wall as I tried to stand up to run. But he was too quick and had his arms around me. "It's okay, I promise. Are you here with anybody?" He asked.

"P-please d-don't hurt m-me." I whispered still stuttering.

"I won't. Cross my heart." I thought of Aubrey right away, she always says that. For some reason as I sat here in this stranger's arms, I felt safe. I put my face into his chest and I started sobbing. I couldn't control it.

"It's okay, just let it out." He soothed as he rubbed my back.

I don't know how long it was until I stopped crying but when I did I looked up and saw that he was watching me.

"Sorry about you're shirt." I muttered as I started to stand up.

"It's okay, I have plenty at home." He smiled at me and helped me up. I tried to smile back but then I remembered that I hadn't put my dress back on yet and I saw that it was in his hand.

I could feel my face turn red in embarrassment as he handed it to me.

"Don't worry, I didn't see anything and I won't look as you put it on." He said as he was leaving the stall.

"Please don't leave." I choked out.

"I'll be right here." He said assuring. I quickly put my dress back on and walked out of the stall and he was still there just as he said he would be.

"So is there anybody that you should be with right now?" He asked me when I reached him.

"I came with my sisters but I was about to leave when that guy grabbed me and pulled me in here and-" My voice cracked and I was about to cry when he interrupted me.

"It's okay, I understand. You don't have to explain."

I quickly hugged him. "Thank you. For saving me, I don't know what I would've done if you didn't show up." I said into his chest.

"It's alright, I'll always be there if you need anything." He said as he smiled at me.

As we left the bathroom he immediately wrapped his arm around my waist, and I froze.

"It's okay, I just don't want anything happening again." He said as he looked for the exit over the crowd.
"I'm sorry, I'm just still a little shook up after that." I apologized quickly.

"I understand, I would be too, but that's not going to happen anymore." He assured me. "So where are your sisters at? They are probably wondering where you're at, you've been gone for awhile." He looked almost worried.

"It's fine, they think I'm gone already. I'll just get a taxi and go home now." I said and smiled softly.

"Oh please, if that's the case then I'm going to give you a ride home. Come on." He said as he towed me towards the doors.

"No that's alright, you don't need to.  I'll be fine." I said getting scared now.

He looked now and saw the fright in my eyes, he understood immediately why I was scared.

"I'm never going to hurt you. I promise. No need to be scared. You're safe with me." He said, he sounded sincere. And I believed him. I let him take me outside and to a bench outside. I saw the boy getting pushed into a police car, and then they drove away. I shuttered. I still couldn't see him very well as he sat down even by a dim street light.

"Why are we sitting down?" I asked him confused.

"I'm going to call my driver, he will be here in a couple minutes." He said as he looked down at me. Just then I shivered realizing how cold it really was.

"Here, it is a little nippy out here." He said as he shrugged out of his jacket and put it around my bare shoulders.

"Thanks." I said quietly. "wait, you have you own driver? How come?" I asked curious. Before he could answer a black vehicle pulled up in front of us. I couldn't tell what kind it was, just that it was black.

We stood up and walked to the car. He opened the door.

"After you." He said and I paused by the door giving him the are-you-sure look. "It's okay." He whispered.

After we got in his driver asked "So Niall where are we going at 2:00 in the morning?" his driver asked him. I gasped as recognition flashed across my face.

"You- Oh- I- One-" I stumbled over my words trying to get them out. He just laughed at me but I didn't care, I was just trying to remember how to breathe again.

"Are you okay." he asked me after I recovered from my mini heart attack.

"I'm fine. Why didn't you tell me?!" I shrieked. "Sorry." I quickly said as he covered his ears.

He just chuckled again, "It's okay. I didn't tell you because I didn't really think it was important at the time."

"Oh." I said looking down remembering what happened earlier.

"Hey, don't think about that." He said as he lifted my chin up with his finger. "Where do you live at?" he asked trying to distract me.

"Uh, Raithin Rd." I said.

"Really? My mum lives on Raithin Rd." He said excitedly.

"Really? That's so cool. What number?" I asked matching his tone.

"124, you?"

"119. Just a couple houses away!" I said happily. Maybe I could see him more often.

"Maybe I'll have to visit my mum more often." It seemed like he could read my thoughts.

"Here we are, I'm sorry, I never got your name miss?" The driver asked me politely.

"Bree." I responded and looked at Niall but he wasn't there and his door was opened. "Niall?" I asked panicked.

Then the other door opened and I almost screamed. Niall poked his head through the door. "You coming?" He asked taking my hand.

"Sorry." I mumbled under my breath.

"So when do I get to see you again?" he asked looking excited.

"I guess whenever you decide to visit your mum. I'll still be here." I said and smiled.

"Maybe I'll have to visit her tomorrow." He said and looked off into space as if he was thinking if he had anything going on. "I think I'm going to do that." He said and had a huge smile on his lips, it was contagious and soon I, too had a huge smile.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I said giving him a goodnight hug.

"Goodnight Bree." he said as I walked up to my front door.

"Night Niall." I waved and walked inside.

I watched him walk to the car and drive away before I closed the door and went inside. When I got in the living room I screamed.








Thanks for reading this story!! I hope you like it! I will try to update as much as possible! Thanks again everyone, I'd really appreciate it if you could like and comment what you think!




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