Never Understand

My name is Maddy Madyson Petti, about two monthes ago I had a baby, Elyssa Petti, I had the baby with.... Harry Styles, yes THE HARRY STYLES. Long story short, it was a party her best friend, Hannah threw, that's where she got pregnant, Harry doesn't know because she is afraid to tell him because she might ruin his career, but when he finds out how will he take it?


1. Finding Him

"look honey One Direction are in town." she told me

"so? its not like he will notice me." I said grumly as I fed Hannah her bottle.

"you need to make him notice you!" she said to me

"whatever, when?" I asked her

"tonight, wait who else knows about Hannah?" she asked me

"Umm I think Liam knows." 

"then maybe he will notice you and let you talk to Harry"

"okay, can you get Hannah I got to get ready its already 7:00!" I said as I handed my precious baby to my mother.

I went into my room, and looked in my closet. I finally decided to wear skinny jeans, blue toms, and my white t-shirt, I went in the bathroom and put my curly brown hair in a messy bun, I then threw on my blue softball sweatshirt on top, I grabbed my car keys, and phone.

"alright ma, hopefully when I come home, something happened." I sighed as I kissed her on the cheek

"okay honey, member be-care-ful! your only 17!" she yelled at me

"I will!" I kissed my beautiful daughter on the forehead, then headed out the door.

(in the car)

I thought for a second before driving off, where are they?

I searched on my phone, but there at a concert, 'well then what hotel?' I asked myself as I searched that on my phone. I got what hotel they were staying at so I drove off. (did I tell you I live in Los Angeles?) I arrived and there were hundreds of girls standing outside, waiting to catch a glimpse of the boys.

I stood outside, then I decided to call my mom.

"hello sweetie, everything alright?" I could barely hear her over the loud fans.

"well first of all, theres no way of them noticing me-" I was cut off by a girl

"ha you think your getting noticed? dressed like that?" she asked me looking at me up and down

"I'm sorry, but unlike you I don't want to be noticed like that!" she was wearing some slutty clothes!

"honey? why wouldn't you get noticed?" she asked me

"because there hundreds of girls out here!" I told her

"oh, then go to the bus and wait there!"

"mom! there going into the hotel not the bus!"

"ya but if you wait there, you never know..... maybe they forgot something and will go there!"

"maybe..... well gotta go mom byee!" without letting her say bye I hung up.

I crept sneakily to the back of the hotel, I found the bus and waited behind it, because there was security in front.

(2 hours later)

I am still waiting here tired as hell waiting..... still. Then I heard the crowd go louder, tey must've arrived. "phew here goes nothing" I told myself as I watched Liam walk towards the bus.........


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