Love Drunk (A Jade thirwall and Harry styles Love story)

"Please, Harry, don't leave me." I begged. "Jade..Taylor wants me." Taylor. My competition, and his girlfriend. ''You know what? Go. Go be with her." I growled. "Babe..please try to understand. Now I need to go.." He left my sight. Tears streamed down my soft cheek as I all I thought about was him. I want him..maybe a little too much. Maybe I'm a little Love Drunk?


1. Please Stay.

Jade's P.O.V

"Please," I begged, tears threatening to spill. "Stay Harry." 

 "Jade, I'm sorry. Taylor needs me." He said while getting up from his seat. "For  what?! To write another song about how guys treat her like shit?!" I yelled. "Jealous much?" Asked Harry. "I'm not jealous of that whore. You can do so much better, Haz."  I  said near to tears. "Do you even hear yourself?! This isn't the supporting friend I know." He yelled defensively. 

I stood silent, knowing he was right. "Fine,  I'm sorry. I guess I just care." I said as a tear slipped down my face. "See you later, Jade." He sighed while walking out. I walked up to the door and felt the cold screen door. "I love you, Harry." I cried silently. I pushed my back up against the door as tears fell down my face. "What's wrong?" Leigh-Anne asked. I quickly wiped my tears and got up. "I'm a fool, Leigh." I said while sniffing and wiping my tears. "Jade, you're the most beautiful intelligent girl I've ever met."Leigh smiled crookedly. I let out a small laugh, and smile. "Come, get some rest, babe." 

Harry's P.O.V

I felt like a dick. I  could hear a silent sob as I left Jade's flat. I-I love Jade. She's my closest friend. But Taylor.. Gosh, why did everything have to be so complicated? I took my mind off of the subject, an wd walked into the pub I was supposed to meet Taylor in. I scanned my surroundings, looking for any blonde. Then I saw one. But my heart dropped when I saw her. A man with dark brunette hair had his arms wrapped around her. I could see Taylor giggle, and kiss him passionately. 

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