John Doe: Jeremy Green

Meet Jeremy Green, a teenager. He's not a normal teenager, he's got special powers and he's not even from earth. He has to leave his planet of Murcane, and was sent to Earth. Follow him on his earthly adventure.


1. From Murcane to Earth

            John Doe that is what everyone called him. He was not John Doe– no, he was born Jeremy Green. He had no friends, he had no family. He was alone in this thing human’s called a ‘world’ but he was not from here. No, he was from a place not known, nor seen with a human eye. The place that is Jeremy’s home is called Murcane; it is one of the many stars you see at night. It was smaller than earth, obviously, and Jeremy loved it. Jeremy was a ‘dare devil’ type kid; he would always get in trouble. One day, they sent him off to another planet, which was Earth. On his travel, he gained powers. Jeremy is similar to childhood comic’s kids used to read all the time. He had superpowers, a type of thing people would be jealous of their whole life. He had super strength, he became more intellectual, he can read minds and lastly, he can shift shape.

            It was a sunny day down on Earth, the place Jeremy now called his home. “Hello.” Jeremy said, in a kind tone, to the secretary at the desk. “Who are you?” She replied to him, in a kind but confused tone. “I’m Jeremy,” Jeremy said, “Jeremy Green.” He showed a smile kindly. “Are you new Jeremy?” She asked. “Yes, yes I am. I just moved here yesterday.” Jeremy said. “Where are you parents Jeremy?” She tilted her head questionably. “They’re not her, I moved with a family friend.” Jeremy said, lying – because he knew no one here. “I need someone’s permission to allow you in my school.” She smiled and tried shooing him away.

            “Wait, he’s with me.” A boy with black hair exclaimed. “My father’s friends are away a lot, and asked him to look after their only son – which is Jeremy here.” The boy said with a smile. He must have heard our conversation, Jeremy thought.

            “Ah, Rick, it’s nice to see you are early this morning.” The secretary stated. “Thank Miss Hanson, I feel loved.” The boy, Rick, said with a straight face. “You’re welcome Rick, but I need your father to sign the forms first.” She stated, sounding colder than before. “I’ll get him to sign it now. Just let me go get him quickly.” Rick said, before pulling Jeremy out the door.

            “Dad!” Rick yelled for his dad, at least that’s what Jeremy presumed. “Rick?” A man turned around, looking at Rick. “What’s up Rick?” The man asked, at least he was nice, Jeremy joked to himself.

            “What, can’t I just say I miss my dad…” Rick pretended to pout. “I miss you daddy.” Rick said, in a strangely adorable voice. “What do you need now Rick, money?” Rick’s dad asked, with a raised eyebrow. “No…” Rick trailed, “I need you to sign something for my friend.” Rick said.

            “Hello to you…” His dad said to Jeremy, “What’s your name?” His dad tilted his head towards Jeremy. “I’m Jeremy, Jeremy Green sir.” Jeremy said politely. “Well hello,” Rick’s dad smiled, “and what is it that I need to sign, and why?” Rick’s dad looked at Rick.

            “Well, you see, Jeremy here,” Rick pointed at Jeremy, “has no family here, and he has nowhere to stay, and he also is not able to attend school without a parent’s signature. I said that you were his family friend and you were looking after him while his parents weren’t here.” Rick breathed out.

            “So,” Rick’s dad paused, “I have to sign a paper to say I’m the guardian of a kid I just met?” Rick’s dad laughed. “No way, I can’t do that.” Rick’s dad just shakes his head. “Please dad, he has nowhere to go. He has no other family here.” Rick tried using puppy eyes – not the best choice for him.

             “Fine,” Rick’s dad sighed. “Thank you dad!” Rick yelled before tackling his dad in a huge hug. “You’re welcome.” Rick’s dad sputtered out. “Seriously,” Rick started. “Thank you sir.” Jeremy finished off Rick’s sentence. “No problem son. I’m happy to help.” Rick’s dad just smiled kindly.

Maybe being on earth isn’t too bad, Jeremy thought to himself.

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