The Wedding Planner: Payzer

Based off the movie 'The Wedding Planner'.

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer, also known as 'Payzer', had broken up back in 2013. What happens after that?

Liam gets a new girlfriend, proposes to her, and starts planning a wedding.

Danielle stops dancing, and decides to become a wedding planner - out of the lost of love, A.K.A losing Liam.

What happens when One Direction isn't formed - but Eleanor decides to set up Danielle on a blind date.

Who's that blind date?

And does she choose Liam over him?


1. Prologue


Everyone has watched ‘The Wedding Planner’ you know, the movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, right? Well I have. I know you’ve read fan-fictions based on movies, and usually it’s the same plot as the movie, but this one, has a different plot, but I guess you can say – it will end like the movie.

Liam Payne doesn’t know what life is bring back – the one person he always wanted to return, but he thought would not return again. Danielle Peazer doesn’t know what her life will decide to bring back the pain, not that kind of pain – but Payne. Marcie Steel is Liam’s soon-to-be wife, but that’s not what it’ll end up like.

A happy ever after – but not for who planned for it, but for who is planning it?

Liam’s POV

Niall was at my house, yes my house, Marcie and I bought a house in 2017.


“Come on man, do you really want to do this wedding, are you sure?” Niall said, clearly not knowing about this wedding idea.


“Of course Nialler, just because you still haven’t met your princess, doesn’t mean you won’t marry one.” I sighed.


“Come on mate, just because you couldn’t just go and tell Dani you still loved her, doesn’t mean you have to marry someone you won’t truly love.” Niall said.


“Like I still love Dani.” I muttered. “I don’t, I miss her. There’s a clear difference mate.” I said.


“You miss her, I know that, but I also know you still have those same feelings.” Niall said. “It’s quite obvious.”


“What’s quite obvious?” Zayn questioned as he walked in.


“That you just walk into my house like you live here.” I muttered, trying to escape the conversation.


“No really, what’s quite obvious?” Zayn asked again.


“That this lad is still in love with Dani, but, he keeps denying everything.” Niall said.


“Yeah Liam, we all know you still have a thing for her, you always have. Remember The X Factor?” Zayn asked.


“Yeah…” I trailed off, feeling the defeat of this conversation.


-- Flashback --

“Liam, you ready?” Simon asked.


“Yeah, I am. A little nervous.” I said with all seriousness.


“It’ll be alright Liam. It always will be.” Simon said. “I’ve got all the trust in you five.”


“Thanks Si.” I said. “I still can’t believe this is all happening.” It was the 2nd week of X Factor.


“You’ve got more weeks to come, I can see it.” Simon said.


“I hope so, I don’t want One Direction to end.” I said. “They’re all like brothers to me.”


“And I can be that crazy uncle that would do anything for you.” Simon smiled, it was weird being close with Simon Cowell, one of those judges who was always mean on TV, until you truly meet him.


“And you will always be Uncle Simon to us.” I smiled in return.


“Liam, we’re almost going on.” Zayn said.


“You’re not chickening out this week?” Simon winked at Zayn in a joking way.


“Nope, I have decided that dancing comes with being in a boy band.” Zayn said.


“Good one mate, and yeah, I’m ready.” I said.


“Good, now come on.” Zayn said.


We began walking towards the other lads. I saw Louis and Niall chatting away, and Harry was texting someone quickly. I was looking at how many dancers were going to have this week, as I looked onto the stage. I saw a dancer whom I didn’t see last week, or weeks before, with curly brown hair and tan skin. She looked pretty from this angle, and her dancing was good.


“Do you know any of the dancers names?” I asked Zayn.


“No, why?” Zayn said.


“Because – that one is pretty.” I stated as I pointed at the curly-haired tan girl.


“Well, ask Harry, he has made friends with basically everyone here.” Zayn said.


“Okay, I’ll go do so.” I smiled. I walked towards Harry, hoping he would know her name. “Hey, Harry, can I talk to you?” I asked.


“Sure thing pal.” Harry said.


“Do you know that dancer with the curly hair and tanned skin?” I asked.


“Nope, but I could ask. First, why do you need to know?” Harry asked.


“Because, I think she’s pretty.” I stated.


“Oh, well they’re off, maybe we could…” Harry trailed off. “Hey curly, Liam thinks you’re pretty!” Harry yelled out the curly girl.


“Me?” The girl mouthed at us.


“Yes!” Harry yelled, and nodded to her.


“Oh, why thanks.” She mouthed.


“What’s your name, love?” Harry yelled.


“Danielle.” She mouthed slowly, so we could make out the name.


“Nice to, kind of, meet you Danielle.” I smiled.


“You too.” She kindly smiled.


-- Later that week --


“Hey, let me open that for you.” I smiled at Danielle, as I held the door open for her.


“Oh, thank you Liam.” She smiled. It was cold in London, and she was just wearing her dance clothes.


“Are you cold, love?” I asked her.


“A little, but I’ve got to go home now, so I’ll see you tomorrow Liam.” She tried walking away.


“Wait,” I stopped her, “Here, take my coat.” I smiled kindly.


“No, it’s no problem, my friend is...” She said before I cut her off.


“No, just take it, Dani.” I tried convincing her to take it.


“Okay, but if it’s comfortable, I keep it.” She giggled.


“Whatever it takes, love.” I smiled.


“Seriously, bye Liam.” She took the coat and walked away.


“Bye.” I said with the biggest smile.


-- Flashback over --


“You definitely remember it.” Zayn said.


“Yeah, every bit.” I sighed.


“Now you can’t deny anything.” Zayn stated.


“I know mate. I know.” I sighed.

Dani’s POV

“Eleanor, why did you set me up on one of those stupid internet dating websites?” I groaned at my best friend.


“Because, all you do is mope about Liam, now you need a date. Listen this guy, named Harvey is a perfect match for you, sweet, caring, funny, everything you need right now.” El said.


“No he’s not, he’s not Liam.” I sighed.


“Just one date and then you can tell me what you think about him, okay?” El said.


“Fine, but if I don’t, you can’t come around here snogging Lou in my living room. Bad enough they’re ex-band mates.” I sighed.


“Hey, they have only been broken up for a year, they’re not that old or anything. They’re all close still.” El said.


“I know, but, I never see him, yet we’re still connect trough friends. I mean you and Louis just got married a few years ago, have a child together. Zayn and Perrie are still together. Niall is still single. Harry is, well, I don’t know, I see a different girl, but I never know if they’re friends or dating.” I sighed.


“I heard Niall’s going on a date, surprisingly.” El laughed.


“He’s a nice mate, no wonder he has a date.” I sighed.


“Well, Lou said it was set up or something.” El shrugged.


“Well I wish him luck, because I’ve been set up too, thanks El.” I groaned.


“Yeah, yeah come on, we’ve got to put blue on you, he loves the colour blue.” El giggled.




-- Later, at the date --


“Are you, Harvey?” I asked the guy with brown hair, which is the colour El told me his hair was.


“Yeah, I’m Harvey, are you Dani?” He asked, his accent was familiar.


“Yeah, that’s me, Dani.” I said.


“What’s your last name, love?” He asked.


“Peazer.” I said. Suddenly he spat his drink onto the table.


“Dani, Danielle Peazer? Like Danielle Claire Peazer?” He asked.


“Yeah, oh god you aren’t- wait, Niall? Niall Horan? Darn…” I sighed.


“Hey, I’m not that bad.” Niall joked.


“But, but, you’re my ex’s best mate, I can’t just, date you. You’re adorable Niall, but, I don’t know.” I sighed, confused.


“You think I’m adorable.” Niall smirked. “I’ve always thought you were pretty, but I never thought we would go on a date.” Niall laughed.


“I never did either. Then again, I always thought Liam and I would be together…but I guess we never think things properly.” I giggled.


“Aww, you’re giggling. I’ve missed seeing you around. How’s Loki?” He asked.


“Loki’s fine, he spends time with my sister, because I’ve been busy.” I smiled.


“Does he miss Liam?” Niall asked.


“Only when he sees me, he seems to think Liam will return too.” I sighed.


“It’ll be fine, I think you and Liam could be fine – if he came to the senses of missing you.” Niall said.


“I hope so.” I concluded. “Now, onto our date.” I giggled.

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