Because...I can love you more than this [Niall]

[It is a fan fiction - but because it is more like a romance, I will put it as romance]

Meet Jessie Brooks, 16-year-old teenager living in Nanaimo. She did not sing often, but she got her heart broken - unintentionally - by the guy she was in love with since grade 8. So, what happens when she starts posting cover more? Especially - If they are, One Direction covers.

Will a certain member notice it?

[I tried not to make this a cliché Fan Fiction, but it started as one. Also, it is technically 'based on my life' because, well, yeah.]

P.S.: My original story of this consists of 28 chapters - but this one was shorten due to lack of space for some chapters - as some of the ones I posted were shortened.


1. Prologue [Part 1, 2, and 3]

Quick Note: This is supposed to be a three part prologue - but I decided to put all three together.

Part 1

Every YouTuber has a reason why they do what they do. Here is my reason…


One day, it was June to be exact the 8th of June. It was a Friday, and I was at my usual Friday day hangout. I was going to tell Cane – the person I liked – that I liked him. Actually, I was in love with him, but he does not need to know that – he only needs to know I like him.


I was sitting in Socials Studies that day, and I heard someone saying my name. I turned around and saw my crush, Cane, he was the one calling my name, and I was utterly confused. Why was he calling my name? Hmm, I will figure this out…


“Yes Cane?”

“I was wondering, was that you that texted me last week? I forgot to ask last week.” He said; his voice so sweet.

Fuck was all I thought, I did not want to tell him yes, but I could not say no. “Err, yeah, it was me, sorry.”

He chuckled a little, “Okay, I was just wondering…”

He was just wondering. Why was he just wondering? “Okay, well yeah.”

He laughed, “You are so awkwardly nervous.”

I smiled, “Yes, just as I always am.”

He smiled too, “Yeah, you are still the same person you were last year Jessie.”

I chuckled, “I don’t think I will change much.”

He smiled, “Good.”

I was confused, “Good?”

He laughed a little, “Err, yeah, because I like you better as you are now.”

I smiled, he liked how I was, well, I like him as he is. He had that bad boy vibe to him, which I liked, mostly because it was opposite to me. He also had that smart side to him, which I loved. He was like an adorable puppy, which is cute. He was perfect to me. I smiled more, “Well, thanks.” I flushed a little too, I wished he meant as in he, like, liked me, but I guess not.

He smiled, “No problem.”

I giggled, “Okay, well, we should get back to work Cane.”

He shook his head, “Always the same Jessie. Hey, that rhymed!”

I smiled at his cuteness, “You are so weird Cane.”

Cane grinned, “Have you noticed that our names are one letter off of each other?”

I nodded, “Yes I did notice.”

He smiled, “Good, so I was not the only one.”

He is so weird sometimes, yet, I still love him. He is an idiot, but I wish he were my idiot.

I chuckled, “Yup, now get to work!”

He chuckled and finally went back to work.


I finished my work; it was a typical thing for me to finish before others. I sat in class, it was last block today, and that means my weekend starts soon.


Throughout the rest of class, I could hear people talk, but the one voice that stood out to me was the sweet voice Cane. I knew I liked him, but a few months ago, I figured out I was truly in love with him. I loved everything about him. From his head to his toes, his good side to his bad side, whatever it was, I loved. I knew he had flaws, but even though they were flaws, I loved them without a doubt. All I knew, was he was perfect to me, and for me. He was the bad boy to my good girl. He was like the Romeo to my Juliet. He was the Tristan to my Isolde. That one actually works, because he is - partly - Irish, but did not live in Ireland. Without a doubt, he is the true to my love. I was thinking still until a noise came.


Pling, pling, went the school bell.


Uh oh, class is over, wait; I spent that whole time thinking? Oh my god… No, well I guess it is time to leave now.


I was leaving until I heard my best friend’s voice, Elizabeth, “Hey Jessie, glad it is Friday?”

I nodded, “I am so glad.”

She laughed, “Is that so? Or are you being sarcastic.”

I shook my head, “Nope, not being sarcastic.”

She smiled, “Good because your birthday is coming up soon.”

I sighed, it is true, and my birthday was next Monday. I have nothing planned for my birthday though, I guess a simple dinner this year, with just my family, or some friends. “Well yeah, I have a few more days to wait.”

She smiled, “Yeah, true. Well tell me if you have planned anything. Okay?”

I nodded, “Sure, I will tell you Monday, if not, Sunday?”

She nodded, “Sure, sounds great. Well I should go now, bye Jessie.”

I smiled and nodded.


I walked off to my locker. God I hate Friday’s sometimes. I mean, we get off early, but that means we miss out lunch hour, we have to wait another hour for lunch, but with my luck I live almost a half hour away, not really, just that is how long the bus takes.


I was ready to go wait for my bus when I heard a voice yelling my name. No, it cannot be, is it…

I turned around and saw Cane walking towards me, what did he want, not that I did not want to see him but my bus would be here soon.


Cane ran up to me, “Jessie could I talk to you for a quick second?”

I nodded, “Sure, what’s up Cane?”

“Well I was wondering if you wanted to talk this weekend, like more.” He stuttered a little, aww, he is nervous, that is so cute.

I smiled, “Sure, just text me this weekend?”

He nodded, “Sure.”

God that boy was cute, he was my perfection. “Well I will be waiting for a text this weekend.”

He smiled, “Or I will be waiting?”

I smiled, “Sure, I could text you first?”

He nodded, “That would be great, because I kind of forgot your number.”

I sighed, “Thought so…”

He chuckled, “Well, I should let you go catch your bus, see you, possibly this weekend?”

I was confused, what? “Wait, what?”

He chuckled, “Grad?”

Oh shit, I forgot about that. ”Oh yeah, I kind of forgot about that.”

He laughed, “Of course you did.”

I laughed, “Well I was thinking about going.”

He smiled, “Good.”

I nodded, “I should really go now, bye Cane.”

He nodded, “Bye Jessie.”


I smiled; I actually had a conversation with Cane, thee Cane Farrell. I do not know what it was, but his last name did not suit his personality somehow.

I ran off to the bus stop, and sure enough, the bus was already there. The whole ride home I just listened to some music. I cannot wait for tonight, I think I might finally tell Cane I like him, tonight. God, that is so close, yet so far, not really, but never mind…


I had thought it through, and I was going to tell him, soon, most likely later.

Part 2

It was still June 8th.


I am so happy right now; it is about 6 o’clock in the evening. I was currently hanging out with my friend, Grace. We were sitting in the local Subway. She was ordering herself a sub. While, I was figuring out if I should text him today, or tomorrow.

Grace walked back over to me, “Uh, Jessie, what are you doing?”

I sighed, “I am contemplating whether I should text Cane right now or not.”

She laughed, “You are always doing that, I do not know why.”

I sighed, “Because, I have always liked him, but never told him, so I always debate when I should.”

She chuckled, “God kid, you should just tell him.”

I sighed, “I will, that is what I am thinking about doing.”

She smiled, “Well text him then!”


She said that rather loudly, dammit, well I guess I might be texting him.

I started with a simple ‘Hey’ text. I did not send it though, I was going to, but I thought about if he was not going to reply.


Grace looked at me while eating her sub, “Uh, Jessie, are you or are you not texting him?”

I sighed, “I have not sent it yet…”

She sighed, “Jessie hand me your phone.”

I sighed, “Okay.” I slowly handed her my phone.


She sent the text message and handed me back my phone. I am glad she can do it but I cannot.


I smiled, “Thanks Gray.” Yes, I call her Gray for short; it has always been her nickname from me.

She smiled, “No problem Jessie.”

I laughed, “Well eat, while I wait for a possible reply.”


She smiled and continuing eating, while I waited for the reply from Cane.

We sat in Subway for a few more minutes. When she finished we went to our local hangout for teens.

When we were walking, I had bumped into someone. Hey, I know this person, I thought. He was the person that was in the group at my school and he usually goes to the local hangout too, what was his name, Mark? He was cute, he was my age, if I did not have such a huge crush on Cane; I would probably date Mark.


I smiled, “Hi Mark.”

He looked confused, “Hi?”

I sighed, “It is Jessie, from the local hangout you usually go to?”

He laughed, “Oh sorry, I forgot who you were.”

I smiled, “No worries, not your fault I am so quiet.”

He chuckled, “I guess not.”

I smiled, “Nope, not at all.”

He laughed, “Oh, and hey Grace, you owe me ten bucks.”


Oh my god, not this again, they have always done this, he wold say she owed him ten bucks, while she would bicker back that she did not, it went on for a long time sometimes.


Grace laughed, “Nope, you owe me ten bucks.”


Let’s just say that went on for a few more minutes…


I gave up, “Will you two stop bickering and just give each other five bucks so at least you get half of what you think you owe each other.”

They sighed, and said in unison, “Fine!”

I chuckled, “Good, now time to go, bye Mark.”

Mark smiled, “Bye Jessie, tell Sherrie that I will not be there tonight.”

I nodded, “Sure I will - bye now!”

He nodded, “Bye!”


Grace and I walked a way towards the building where the local hangout was.

 When we got there, I saw some of my other friends hanging around the café area. Sometimes we would make hot drinks, and that is exactly what they were doing right now.


A few hours went by and it was now nine o’clock, it was almost time for everyone to leave.

We had a lot of fun tonight, they had activities and such for us planned. Some were too childish for my liking.


It was 9 o’clock and still no reply from Cane, well that is weird? Maybe I will check his Facebook and see if he was online.


I go online and go to his profile; sure enough, he was online not long ago.

I saw his last status ‘I’m happy! :D’ wait, why is he happy?


I looked down a little more until I read something that broke my heart


He was in a relationship… I guess I have no chance now… Maybe I will pull a Taylor Swift and write a good heartbreak song… Who am I kidding, I cannot write songs!


The last thing I remembered before I went silent towards the rest of the world, was posting a tweet.

‘Sometimes you give up on love when they find someone else…’


That is how I became a heartbroken cover singer…

Part 3


Half a year ago, I had my heartbroken by someone I was in love with… Whom am I kidding; I am still in love with him. He is still with his girlfriend, funny thing is, and his girlfriend and I have become somewhat friends because we are in the same P.E class. It breaks my heart though, because I see them being all couple-y while I am single and in love with a non-single person.


I am just glad that he is happy, that is all that matters.


For a couple months, I have been posting YouTube videos of me doing covers. I liked singing for fun, but I decided to post them online. People love them, I have a good amount of followers, but one day, those followers got bigger, and bigger


It was early December, and I was posting my video of the week, it was a cover of me singing “More Than This” by One Direction. I was reading the comments on the last video before while the video uploaded. I was a fan of One Direction, and Niall was my favourite. I would not really date any of them, they are cute and such, but just, I would not date them for some odd reason. I was scrolling through Twitter now, when a tweet caught my eye.


NiallOfficial: I saw this YouTube video by someone , and she is amazing ! She covered our song.

Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial Me too!

Real_Liam_Payne: @NiallOfficial you showed us that video and your right it is amazing

Louis_Tomlinson: @NiallOfficial Who? And why haven’t I heard of it?

zaynmalik: @NiallOfficial Is it that Canadian girl?


I was shocked; they could not be talking about me, could they? I really hope so, but at the same time, I hope so.


NiallOfficial: @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne yeh she is amazing !

NiallOfficial: @Louis_Tomlinson she is a Canadian girl who sang Everything About You last week

NiallOfficial: @zaynmalik yes it is !


I was more shocked than before, it had to have been me; I had covered “Everything About You” last week.


Niall posted the link for Louis, but the Directioners seen it and started watching your One Direction covers, which was a few, including their new songs. You knew it had to have been the Directioners because your views on your One Direction videos went up past a million.


I was amazed; they were actually amazing people that is why their directioners loved them. Man, even I loved them, but I was not that dedicated, I still had other favourites, One Direction just so happened to be one of them.


I signed back onto my account and thanked all my viewers, that is when all the comment came through.

One caught my eye though…


OneDirectionVEVO: We loved the cover you did of our song love! We would love to meet you someday! xx


I was smiling, did One Direction actually comment on my video, most Directioners would faint right now, but me, well I would jump and down like a crazy maniac. I cannot believe this just happened though.


I quickly replied,


JessieBrooksdoescovers: Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I also hope to meet you someday!


I had a lot of Directioners comment after that; they were telling me that I was lucky to have One Direction comment on my video. Well, so was I, haha.


A few days later, One Direction was in Vancouver for a couple days, it was the 14th of December, when they had come. I was happy, they bought me tickets to go see them, and I think they did that on purpose. They found out I lived in Nanaimo, British Columbia. I was so happy I could finally meet them in person, the boys and I would tweet occasionally over the past few weeks, and we were the best of friends.


 When it was the 17th of December was when I went to Vancouver, the boys and I decided to go to Nando’s to meet in person, Niall just wanted Nando’s and luckily, there was a few in Vancouver.


December 17th, I had just arrived in West Vancouver where the ferries are. When I was walking off I saw a group of people in black suits, I think that was their bodyguards, good thinking boys.


The people in the black suits were their bodyguards and they took me to the nearest Nando’s the meet the boys. Apparently, Niall was so hungry they could not even come get me. Well, they are amazing friends, hence the sarcasm there.


When I arrived to the nearest Nando’s, I saw the five hooded figures in a corner table; I had assumed it was the boys. I was heading towards the table when a waiter stopped me.


The waiter asked, “Excuse me miss, where do you think you are going?”

I sighed, “Well I am supposed to meet my friends here, and they are sitting over there in that corner.” I said as I pointed to the boys.

The waiter chuckled, “Are one of them your boyfriend? If so, you could do so much better than those fools.”

I laughed loudly, “So funny! Well those fools,” I pointed to the boys, “they are my best friends, so let me go see them. Please?” I gave my best puppy dog eyes.

The waiter said, “Sorry, but I cannot let a beautiful girl hang out with them.”

I sighed, “Well this beautiful girl is getting pissed off!”

The waiter said, “Well you would not be of-“the waiter got cut off.

Niall came over and cut the waiter off, “Sorry Jessie, they waiter here harassing you?”

I nodded, “Slightly.”

Niall sighed, “Sorry buddy, she is not interested in you.”

The waiter chuckled, “Yeah, and she is definitely interested in you.” He emphasize the word you, which I have to say, has to hurt Niall.

I chuckled, “Well, I am more interested in Niall than you, you prick.”


I chuckled, “Thanks Lou.”

Niall said, “Well sir waiter, sir, we are going to sit down now, so bye.”

The waiter laughed, “Well Miss Jessie, you may just get banned from this place.”

I laughed loudly, “Whatever, I do not even live here, you idiot.”


With that, Niall, Louis and I walked away. I guess I had not notice Louis actually walking over here.

When we reached the table, we introduced ourselves.


That night, the six of us became good friends.

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