It's too late

Hey everybody
I wrote this poem while I sad in my class and learned about schoolshootings so I got inspired buy that :)
hope you like it
I would be happy if you would give me your opinion about it ;) I can take criticism



1. It's too late

You saw the fear in the victim's eyes

When you shot

We saw it, the terrible vision

What can make a student like you?

Do something like that?


We teased you

We called you a fool

We took your things

But the ones you shot were maybe victim's like you

You weren't better than us

We did bad things, we know it now

But you did it too,

The day you shot at the school

We are sorry for what we did 

But we know it's too late


You had a girlfriend 

You had a family 

You had friends 

You had people who loved you

You shocked them all, the day you shot


What can make you do that?

We just teased you

That was wrong we know it now

But that's too late

Now we can only buy flowers to your grave

That's our fault

We're sorry

But that's too late

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