A New Vision

Have you ever known what it feels like to be trampled on in every possible way when you try to work for your dream and are within a reaching distance only to have it pulled out of under your feet? This story will be about the struggles a kpop group faces as they struggle and succeed (?) in their search... Not everything is as glamorous as it seems, whatever happens on-stage, to make all of that possible so much more happens off...
(entry for Backstage competition)


1. The Truth (?) - Introduction to K-POP

This story is based off of KPOP. A genre unknown to some, but which is gradually conquering the world. Most recently even the Billboard charts in many countries, thanks to PSY whose video 'Gangnam Style' went viral. However, when people outside of South Korea (where k-pop has originated from), see MV's (music videos) with a bunch of guys/girls dancing in sync, singing words they don't understand... All it does is make them think: 'WTF... Like what the hell are they doing? G*Y!!! (not offending or anything but this is the general reaction <- certain fangirls actually have a thing for guys in groups dating each other, which could/could no be true, though the chances are slim ) And PUH-LIZ , they look like GIRLS!!! How can you watch this stuff?' So much prejudice... I'm sure that the 'WTF?!' opinion belongs to some of you guys.

I understand... I was one of the 'WTF?!' people at first and just LMAO'd , not really because of the reasons up there, but more because it's the first time I'd seen anything like it... My first MV was Super Junior's sorry sorry <- the dance was just so funny and I didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Anyways, back to topic. The reason I'm writing this story is because people have all these misconceptions which makes them unable to give all of 'this' a shot...

They work hard, years of training goes into making one person -> I say making, because that's what's happening. Unlike everything else in different countries (USA for example -> Have talent? Prove it!!! If the world likes you, you're in! <- not saying it's easy or anything like that, it must take a lot of work to get proven and everything else that goes with it, but... this story isn't about that). In South Korea auditions happen regularly, if you get chosen for standing out one way or another you enter the company as a trainee and train for years. I do mean years, it's the kind of endurance I can't possible imagine because I've heard about it, but my eyes have yet to witness it... But It's like asking whether the Eiffel Tower exists. It clearly does, but if I go saying that it doesn't because I haven't seen it yet, would it make any sense? No, right? I'd just get a lot of French people pissed off at such an uncultured brat . It's exactly like that. Again, I'm not saying this hard work and endurance and training since you're a kid doesn't exist elsewhere, but again... That's not what this story is about. It's about people who train, work hard... And even though they are within grasping reach of their dreams of becoming idols, that fateful debut stage is sometimes pulled right under them... Time after time... And even though they reach it, all the splendour, magic, awe-striking amazingness that happens on stage, more drama happens off it... This story will look at exactly that. 

This story (fictional, maybe, but there might be a pretty good chance it actually happened) is all about this dream, about a group who endured everything life threw at them, but still performed... On that stage, and were able to win the hearts of ... I'll leave that part for now. Wouldn't want to spoil the ending now, right?


This is the clip I mentioned up there (Super Junior - Sorry Sorry)



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