One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


1. Me

Julies Pov-  I woke up to birds chirping and my dog barking. "Dirik!! Stop barking!!" i said as i put the pillow over my head. "uhggg." i got up and took him out. when i got back inside i look in the mirror.. my blue waves turned into a rats nest. i do my hair and  my makeup and i get dressed. I wore I navy blue and white striped shirt and red skinny jeans. (who am i?) i got up and called Allison. My cousin. "OMMGGG!!!!!!!!!" she yelled through the phone. "WHAT!?" i said. "I GOT TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION FRONT ROW!!!" She Yelled. "Who's Going?" i said. "You are dummy!! And Lexie!" she screamed. i almost passed out "when?" "Two days!"she said and then hung up. I fell back on the Sofa. "Wow..." i said to my self. An hour later My doorbell rang. I ran to the door and looked. Allison. "Come In!" She didn't look too happy. "What's wrong?!" i said. "I-I.. I dont have Any thing to wear.." allison said. She Grabbed my arm and said "WERE GOING TO THE MALL!" "Calm Down Allie.. Let me get my purse." i said. 

 Allisons Pov- We got in the car and instantly One Direction Came on And  It Was What makes You Beautiful. We both start singing. We got at The mall Finally and we went To Forever 21 first. then Holister  And Abrecrombie. We got Alot Of Clothes. "Hey Look!" she said. "what." i said. "Starbucks!!" she said. We ran to Starbucks and we waited in line and once we got to the counter Lexie Was There. "Hey Lex!" allie said. 

Lexie Pov- I see a face face in  the distance but i just cant make it out who it is. they come to the counter bu- Wait.! Now i know! "Hey Lex!" Allison said. "Vas Happning" Julie Said."Hahah"i said. "You Work Here? Allie Said. "Yeah." They got what they wanted and left.

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