Harsheath Chauhan and the return of the Dark Lord

When Harsheath is sent to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizadary he tends to explore the school. In search for the Mirror of Erised he acknowledges Dark secrets. Secrets of the dissapearing of Harry Potter


1. The unknown letter

Harsheath was a great fan of the Harry Potter series. He always wished to be sent to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. People always used to comment on his looks that he looked like Harry Potter. Times had changed and Harsheath had become sly and mischevious. He usually used to get his house points deducted for mischeif. He lived in India, Delhi. He used to study in DPS International. Usually when his father( Mr. Chauhan) came home he used to talk about Doon School, the best hostel in Asia. Mr. Chauhan wanted Harsheath to excel in academics and get admission in Doon School. Harsheath also wanted to go to a hostel. He wanted the free life. Harsheath was impressed by Doon School. He hated his History teacher. Harsheath used to score full in History but the History teacher always needed an excuse to punish him and take him to the Headmistress. Their relationship was like Harry Potter and Severeus Snape. He used to pick up on his classmates and get into trouble. He used gather his friends and trouble his classmates. He used to beat his classmates and torture them and eventually the School Counsellor used to call him.

Once he returned from school when he was told that he has to prepare for the Doon School. He had to read almost hundred books for the interview and study a lot for the test. He was reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which was coming in the interview. ` The Hocrux keeps Lord Voldemort alive' he read the line. He was so drowsy and went to sleep. He had a dream of writing a book when he woke up by a sudden voice. He found himself in a large corridor which was dark and spooky. He saw a room at the end of the corridor and saw two shadows of two people. He heard them speak but not properly. ''But why....'' 

'' You killed me,''

'' n.......''. The people stopped speaking. A smoky figure formed and screamed heading towards Harsheath. He ran backwards and woke up. It was a spooky dream he had about two people gossiping. The talk did not seem friendly. He was scared but he later forgot his dream when his father told him that he is going for the entrance exam. He thought it would be better if he would not share the dream with anyone else. He gave all the tests and prayed for his best.



Three months had past since his examination and Christmas had arrived. He had the some spooky dream quite often. He was sleeping when the bell rang. He was the first one to get the door in the hope of the arrival of his cousins. He and cousins used to have a lot of fun. They used to spend the rest of the day at Harsheath's house and slept there in  the night. They did not used to sleep technically, they used to wake up the whole night playing with each other. They used to play on the computer late night and used to have noodles which they made. They did not want Harsheath to go to Doon School as he wont be there then. But when Harsheath saw who had come he saw a postman with a letter. It read

359 Ramanajun Street


Pin Code 112233

Dear H. Chahan we are proud to tell you that.....

His father snatched the letter and was shocked when he read it. '' It is my letter give it to me,'' screamed Harsheath. His mother read the letter as well. She had the same expressions as his father's. '' But how?'' gasped his mother.

There was something that his parents were hiding from him. What could it possibly be? Maybe his cousins had written an apology letter that they might not be coming these winters. But they would not start there letter with a Dear H. Chauhan. They probably would start there letter with,

Yo bro or Whaz up or Cool Dude and if his cousins would not be coming then what would they be proud of. He wondered what was written in the letter. His cousins did not arrive and he tried to steal the letter but it was locked.

The next day the postman was the first one to arrive again. Harsheath snatched the letters opened it and tried to see as many words he could. The only words he could see were, welcome, good, magically, magic. His father again snatched the letter. Harsheath was so angry. How was magic related to the letter? He thought of something but it obviously seemed such a stupid thing. He thought that a letter had arrived from Hogwarts. It was possible. Then why didn't his parents showed this to him?. Maybe because they wanted Harsheath to go in Doon. Maybe something spooky must have been written in the letter. He was hundred percent sure that this letter was from Hogwarts or from Beauxbatons. This time when he woke up then he took the letter. He read it without being interuppted. He was as shocked as his parents. His father came running. He was shocked to know that Harsheath read the letter. 

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