Long Time No Talk...

Two people that haven't seen each other in a long time..


1. Chapter 1

~Six years ago~

''We are going over to the Stromberg's now so get ready'' my mom said as she walked out of my room. I don't really like Wesley or Keaton they were not very nice to me the first time we met eachother. 'Fine' I mumbled to her and got ready.


*At Stromberg*

Me and Wesley were about the same age so me and him walked to his room because his mom said so. When we got to his room I could see that he had good taste. ''U have a cool room'' I said trying to start a conversation. ''Thanks'' was all he said. We had an 20 minutes akward silence until he spoke. ''Do you like videogames? We can play if you want'' I don't think he wanted more akwardness. ''Yeah... What do you have?'' His face lift up when I said it. ''I have cod if you know what that is'' he said akward. I used to play Cod when I was younger because of my brother. ''Yeah. I'm gonna beat you, I have skills at Ca- Cod'' I said proud. ''We'll see about that'' He said and pu the game in.


-1 hour later-


We have been playing in an hour now and I'm winning. Yeyyy. ''Ha I said I could beat you'' I said sticking out my thounge at him. ''Yeah yeah, you were ok. How did you learn to play like that'' He asked curius. ''My brother and I play Call of Duty all the time before ho moved a'' I trailed of. The tougth of my bestfriend a.k.a my brother was not good for me. ''You ok?'' he said a little worried. ''Yeah. I'm ok. Just don't like to talk about when my brother left me alone'' I fake smiled at him, but I think he could se it because he walked over to me and gave me a hug. I was shooked but after a minute or 2 I hugged him back. When we let go Keaton him brother walked in and asked if he could be with us. We said yes of course. ''Keaton you have to see her play Call of duty she rocks'' Wesley said and I started to blush nd looked down. ''What she can play. I don't believe you'' Keaton answerd. ''Then play against her'' Wesley said confident. He said ok and after an hour of playing against Keaton I beat him too. He was so shooked that he got beaten by a girl. ''H-how did you do that'' he asked curius. ''My brother teached me'' I said not looking at him. I think wesley saw and come and hugged me again. ''Wes what the hell are you doing??'' Asked Keaton. ''Trying to chear her up because she don't like to talk about her brother who moved from her'' He said in a 'duh' tone. That made me laugh because he said it like it's obey. ''Why are you laughing?'' Wes asked. ''Because you said it like Keaton knew it'' I said while laughing. He blushed akwardley. He was kind of cute when he blushed. ''Whooaa Chloè. You are the first person ever to made Wesley blush'' Keaton said suprized. That was the beginning of 3 bestfriends.

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